Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dennis Hopper/Art Linkletter/ Gary Coleman Hangover 5/30/10

10:03AM Can “Future Days” from Future Days (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, 1973) on UA/Spoon (Germany) — Recorded on a 2 track tape recorder.

10:06AM Man “Keep On Crinting” from Be Good To Yourself at Least Once a Day (CD, Album, Private) on UA (Wales) — Featuring members of the Neutrons.

10:09AM Arthur Lyman Group “Ebb Tide” from Taboo (Vinyl, Album, World) on Life (Hawaii)

10:12AM Roy Orbison “In Dreams” from Blue Velvet OST (CD, Album, Other) — Lip Synced by Dean Stockwell and Frank Booth

10:15AM Art Linkletter “Where Did You Come From?” from Where Did You Come From? (Vinyl, Album, Private) on 20th Century (US) — Children's record about Sex

10:21AM Angelo Badalamenti “Frank Booth” from Blue Velvet OST (Vinyl, Album, Other) — played underneath Art Linkletter

10:24AM Art Linkletter “We Love You, Call Collect” from 45 (produced by Ralph Carmichael) (Vinyl, Single, Other) on Capitol (US) — recorded after Art's daughter took LSD and committed suicide.

10:27AM Angelo Badalamenti “Frank Returns” from Blue Velvet OST (Vinyl, Album, Other) — played underneath Art

10:30AM Art Linkletter “Where Did You Come From? (End of side 2)” from Where Didi You Come From? (Vinyl, Album) on 20th Century (US)

10:33AM Martin Denny “Miserlou” from Exotic Percussion (CD, Album, World) on Liberty (US)

10:36AM Leon Redbone “Theme to Mr. Belvedere” from Television's Greatest Hits #6 (CD, Comp, Private)

10:39AM Al Burton, Alan Thicke, and Gloria Loring. “Theme to Different Strokes” from Television's Greatest Hits #6 (CD, Comp, Private) — In memory of Gary Coleman.

10:42AM Carpenters “Rainy Days and Mondays” from Love Songs (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

10:45AM Melanie “Brand New Key” from Melanie The Collection (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

10:48AM Firesign Theatre “Mark Time!” from Forward Into the Past (CD, Album, Private)

10:51AM Ethel Azama “You Smell So Good” from Cool Heat (Vinyl, Album, World) on Liberty (US) — with Marty Paich

10:54AM Johnny Mathis “Wild Is The Wind” from Johnny Mathis (Vinyl, Album, Private) on Columbia (, US) — covered by David Bowie

10:57AM William Shatner “It Was a Very Good Year” from The Transformed Man (CD, Album, Jazz)

10:58AM Hatfield and the North “Underdub” from The Rotters Club (CD, Album, Jazz) on Virgin (, UK)

10:58AM Honey Vizer/Ella Fitzgerald “Cheerful Little Earful” from Live on the Hangover (CD, Comp, Jazz) on Marc Time (,, JC) — Honey Sings Along with Ella

10:59AM Sarah from Wasilla “Hangover Promo” from Hangover Promos (LegalID, Comp, Acoustic/Folk)

11:00AM Firesign Theater “High School Madness” from Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers (Vinyl, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap)

11:03AM Simon And Garfunkel “America” from Bookends (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk) on Columbia (, US)

11:06AM Manfred Mann “Up the Junction” from Up the Junction OST (CD, Album, Jazz)

11:09AM Steppenwolf “Monster” from Monster (Vinyl, Album, LoudRock/Metal) on Dunhill (US) — Dedicated to BP

11:12AM Ferrante and Teicher “Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree” from Dial M for Music (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1974) on UA (Wales)

11:15AM Gunther “Teeny Weenie String Bikini” from Pleasureman (CD, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap)

11:18AM The Free Design “I Found Love” from Collection (CD, Comp, Private)

11:21AM Flaming Lips “Buggin'” from The Soft Bulletin (CD, Album, Private)

11:24AM Ween “Zoloft” from Quebec (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on Sanctuary Records (UK)

11:27AM Percy Faith “Ballad Of John And Yoko” from The Beatles Album (Vinyl, Album, Private)

11:30AM Go-Gos “Vacation” from Vacation (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

11:33AM Alicia Bridges “I Love the Night Life(disco version)” from Alicia Bridges (Vinyl, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap)

11:36AM Duran Duran “Rio” from Best (CD, Album, Private)

11:39AM Space Ponch “^After the Fox” from The World Shopping With (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic) — written by Burt Bacharach

11:42AM Halie Loren (with Marc Time) “Louie Louie” from Live on the Hangover (LiveEventBroadcast, Other, Local) on Marc Time (,, JC) — performed on KWVA on National Louie Louie Day

11:45AM Val Jean “Bird Mash” from Bird Mash (CD, Comp, Other)

11:48AM Mohammed Rafi “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” from Ghost World Soundtrack (CD, Album, World)

11:51AM Idle Race “On With the Show” from Birthday Party (CD, Album, Private)

11:54AM Travis “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” from The Man Who (CD, Album, Private)

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