Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday Morning Hangover 5/19/10

08:00AM Up With People! “Which Way America?” from Up With People: The Sing Out Musical (Vinyl, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

08:06AM Howard Beale “I'm Mad as Hell, and I Ain't Gonna Take it Anymore” from OST Network (Other, Other, Other)

08:09AM Damned “Ignite” from Strawberries (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

08:12AM Nazareth “Woke Up This Morning” from Greatest Hits (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

08:12AM Sounds of Liberation “Happy Tuesday” from Happy Tuesday (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 05/20/2010) New

08:15AM Delgados “Mr. Blue Sky” from Peel Sessions (CD, Comp, Private)

08:18AM David Bowie “Speed of Life” from Low (CD, Album, Other)

08:21AM Tornados “Telstar” from Best (CD, Album, Private) Request

08:24AM Jack Webb “Blue Boy” from Dragnet 68 (Cassette, Other, LoudRock/Metal)

08:27AM Iggy and the Stooges “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell” from Raw Power (Legacy Edition) (Rotation, Album, LoudRock/Metal, added 05/20/2010) New

08:30AM Gerry Gibbs “Nefertiti” from Songs of Miles Davis (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 05/20/2010) New

08:33AM Goldfrapp “Rocket” from Head First (Rotation, Album, Other, 2010, added 04/15/2010) on Mute (,, UK) New

08:36AM Sean Aaberg “Interview Live” from Hangover Interviews (LiveEventBroadcast, Other, Other, 2010) on Marc Time (,, JC)

08:39AM Rainbow with Dio “Man in the Silver Mountain” from Rainbow (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal) Request

08:42AM Ram Jam “Black Betty” from Black Betty (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

08:45AM Deep Purple “Anti Drug PSA” from Anti Drug PSA (PSA, Other, Other)

08:48AM Avengers “Car Crash” from Car Crash EP (CD, Comp, LoudRock/Metal)

08:51AM Dave Douglas “Orrrujo” from Sprit Moves (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 05/20/2010) New

09:00AM Crime “Murder By Guitar” from Greatest Hits (CD, Comp, LoudRock/Metal, 1948) on Columbia (, US)

09:03AM CNN “Repoter Chokes on Murder Story” from Marc Time Sound Bites (Cassette, Other, Other)

09:06AM Adam Ant “Deutcher Girls” from Best (CD, Album, Private)

09:09AM John Denver “Annie's Song (X-Rated,bleeped)” from WFMU Radio Session (CD, Comp, Private)

09:12AM Bo Diddley “Who Do Tou Love” from 1st Album (CD, Album, Private) Request

09:15AM Anton LeVay “Honolulu Baby” from Songs from Satan (CD, Comp, Private)

09:18AM Mr Rogers “Nice” from Nice (CD, Comp, Private)

09:21AM Erik Telford “Horror Problem” from Horror Problem (Rotation, Album, Private) New

09:24AM Harmon Bethea “Talking About the Boss and I” from Mask Man (CD, Album, Private)

09:27AM Sharon Jones and the Dap kings “Better Things” from Better Things (Rotation, Album, Private) New

09:30AM Neil “Lentil Nightmare” from Young Ones (CD, Comp, Private) Request

09:33AM Toots and the Maytals “Sweet and Dandy” from Best Of (CD, Album, Reggae)

09:40AM Trashmen “Surfin Bird” from Trashmen (CD, Album, Private)

09:43AM Dave Clark 5 “Try Too Hard” from Best (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

09:55AM Bird and Bee “Private Eyes” from Songs of Hall and Oates (Rotation, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap, added 05/20/2010) New

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