Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sunday Morning Hangover TV Episode Guide

Episodes Air on Friday Nights on CTV Comcast Eugene Oregon Cable 29 at 11 PM or 12:30 AM
Episodes are 30 min. Distributed by Fly on Wire Media .

Episode 1) “Hans Eichinger”-Marc Time interviews Eugene alt-folk artist Hans Eichinger. Hans Eichinger plays a set of folk and blues tunes.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 3/28/10
First CTV Air Date: 8/6/10

Episode 2) “Halie Loren”-Marc Time interviews Eugene jazz singer Halie Loren. Halie sings a set including a duet with Marc of “Louie Louie”.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 4/11/10
First CTV Air Date: 8/13/10

Episode 3) “Honey Vizer”-Marc Time interviews Eugene alt folk/country artist Honey Vizer. Honey sings a set of her originals and sings along to records.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 6/6/10
First CTV Air Date: 8/27/10

Episode 4) “Hot Drama 1”--Marc Time interviews Eugene grll rock duo Hot Drama. Terri and Gina yuck it up in their PJ’s.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 5/2/10
First CTV Air Date: 9/24/10

Episode 5) “Boozeweek”-Marc Time interviews Eugene editor of Boozeweek Magazine Elliot Martinez.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 4/25/10
First CTV Air Date: 9/24/10

Episode 6) The Driving Show”-Marc Time drives to the studio, plans his show, DJ’s and packs up and drives home.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 10/10/10
First CTV Air Date: 10/22/10

Episode 7) “Slug Queens”-Marc Time interviews Old Slug Queens from Eugene Slug Queen Pageant. Marc also talks to his Dad on the phone in Florida.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 8/8/10 and 10/3/10
First CTV Air Date: 10/29/10

Episode 8) “Gary Mollica”-Marc Time interviews longtime friend and music historian/musician Gary Mollica visiting from Pasadena CA. Marc and Gary plays some of Gary’s new acquisitions.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 8/8/10 and 8/15/10
First CTV Air Date: 11/5/10

Episode 9) “On the Air”-Marc Time in the studio playing weird Beatles covers and LPs.Pt 2 to Ep 6
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 10/10/10
First CTV Air Date: 11/19/10

Episode 10) “45s Pt 1” -Marc Time films himself playing all 45 rpm singles on the air Pt 1
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 10/17/10
First CTV Air Date 12/17/10

Episode 11) “45s Pt 2/Knotty Knitters”-Marc plays 45’s Pt 2 and interview by phone with Eugene Art group the Knotty Knitters.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 10/17/10
First CTV Air Date 12/17/10

Episode 12) “Over the River..” Marc visits Cottage Grove, walks through graveyards, eats donuts and experiments with video.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 11/21/10
First CTV Air Date 12/31/10

Episode 13) “Halloween” Marc hosts shadow DJ and tells everyone they are going to die while playing bad Halloween music. Marc announces winning Eugene Weekly Award for Best Radio Show.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 10/31/10
First CTV Air Date 1/21/10

Airing Soon:

Episode 14) “Mark Growden”-Interview as Mark Growden visits from San Francisco and plays a set including Handlebars and shrutie box
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 7/25/10

Episode 15) “True Margrit Pt 1” —Prog-pop trio from San Francisco visits and is interviewed. True Margrit video debut.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 8/1/10

Episode 16) “Santa and his Elves” -Christmas episode where Santa and 3 elves play the worst Xmas songs.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 12/19/10

Episode 17) “Surfin” –Marc plays a bunch of Surf Records while subbing on a cold Saturday Morning.
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 11/27/10

Episode 18) “Mood Area 52” –Marc interviews this alt/tango/rock combo from Eugene, who play a short set. Short video of Eugene Storefront Art Installation by Bren Kleinfelder
Originally aired on KWVA-FM 7/25/10

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