Sunday, May 06, 2012

Early Harry Nilsson Hangover / Prairie Prince Interview 5/6/12

Side One of the Hangover Marc Time plays early 45s and sides from Harry Nilsson's days as Johnny Niles and Harry Neilson. Side 2 features a phone interview with drummer from the Tubes Prairie Prince.
Listen Here at internet Archives:
10:01AM Johnny Niles “Wig Job” from 45
10:06AM The Originals “All For The Beatles” from Stand Up and Holler (Single)
10:07AM Foto Fi Four “Stand Up And Holler” from Stand Up And Holler (Single)
10:10AM Jimmie Cross Band “Chicken Track” from Chicken Track (Single)
10:12AM Jimmie Cross “Super-Duper Man” from 45
10:15AM Citations “Everybody Philly” from Everybody Philly (Single)
10:16AM The Sunday Funnies “Headlines” from Headlines (Single)
10:20AM The Super Stocks “Readin Ridin and Racin” from Readin Ridin and Racin (Single)
10:25AM The Soul Men “Sister Sue” from Sister Sue (Single)
10:28AM Debbie Burton “The Next Day” from The Next Day (Single)
10:34AM The Modern Folk Quartet “This Could Be the Night” from This Could Be the Night(Single)
10:36AM The Ronettes “Paradise” from Paradise (Single)
10:37AM Jean King “Paradise” from Paradise (Single)
10:41AM Cher “A Love Like Yours” from A Love Like Yours (Single)
10:42AM Mike Clifford “Countin” from Countin (Single)
10:46AM (Unknown) “Little More Rain” from Little More Rain (Single)
10:52AM Puppet “Best friend” from Best Friend (Single)
10:58AM George Tipton & His Orchestra with Harry Nilsson “Everybody'sTalkin” fromEverybody'sTalkin (Single)
11:01AM The Monkees “Cuddly Toy (Alternate Mix)” from Cuddly Toy (Alternate Mix) (Single)
11:02AM The Turtles “The Story of Rock and Roll” from Solid Zinc: The Turtles Anthology(Laptop, Album, Private, 2002) on Rhino (, US)
11:05AM John Lennon “Only You” from Only You (Single)
11:09AM Badfinger “Without You” from Without You (Single)
11:13AM Harry Nilsson “You're Breaking My Heart (Censored Version Medley)” from son of schmillson (1972) on BMG (UK)
11:21AM Leon Russell “Out In The Woods” from Carney (Album, Private, 1972) on Shelter
11:28AM XTC “That's Really Super, Supergirl/Another Satellite” from Skylarking (Laptop, Album, Private, 1986, added 01/09/2011) on Geffen Records (USA)
11:41AM Prairie Prince “Interview” from Marc Time Interviews
11:55AM Rutles “Love Life”

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