Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day 2012 Hangover

Rev Marc calls his 95 year old Dad to talk about his golf game. Songs about Daddies, Fathers,Grandpaw and Dads.
Listen Here at Internet Achives:

10:03AM Mr. Rogers “Garden of Your Mind” from Mr. Rogers Remixed
10:04AM Can “Father Cannot Yell” from Monster Movie
10:16AM Bill Gunther “INTERVIEW” from Live on the Hangover (LiveEventBroadcast)
10:18AM Otis Blackwell & His Band “Daddy Rollin Stone” from Golden Decade - Music of My Life, Vol. 15 (2008) on Golden Decade
10:18AM Derek Martin “Daddy Rollin' Stone” from The Sue Story (1994) on Mixed Repertoire(,, USA)
10:21AM The Who “Daddy Rolling Stone” from Single
10:21AM Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass “Casino Royale” from OST
10:25AM Bo Diddley “Diddley Daddy (Original Mix)” from The Best Of Me (2012) on Forte Fresca
10:30AM The Winstons “Color Him Father” from Color Him Father (Original Masters) (2011) on FLG/R.L. Spencer
10:30AM The Temptations “Papa Was a Rollin' Stone (Single Version) [Stereo Mix]” from20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Temptations, Vol. 2 - The '70s, '80s, '90s (2000) on Motown (USA)
10:43AM Hanna-Barbera Studio Orchestra “Augie Doggie Underscore” from Pic A Nic Bsket
10:43AM Harry Nilsson “Daddy's Song” from Aerial ballet
10:45AM Randy Newman “So Long Dad” from Randy Newman
10:46AM Cat Stevens “Father And Son” from Tea for the Tillerman (Album, Private, 1970) onIsland (US)
10:50AM Beach Boys and the Wrecking Crew “Summer Means New Love” fromToday!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
10:53AM The Beach Boys “I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man” from Today!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (Laptop, Album, Private, 1990) on Capitol Catalog (US)
10:54AM Dolly Parton “Daddy Come and Get Me” from Hello I'm Dolly
10:57AM Paul Peterson “My Dad” from Vol. 3 Popular and Doo Wop Hits (2010) on Ling Music Group
11:00AM The Firesign Theatre “High School Madness” from Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers (1970) on Columbia/Legacy (, USA)
11:02AM Chicory Tip “Son Of My Father” from 51 Hits of the British Invasion
11:06AM The Muppets “I'm My Own Grandpaw” from Muppet Hits
11:07AM Horace Silver “SONG FOR MY FATHER” from Song For My Father (CD, Album, Private, 1965) on Blue Note (, USA)
11:08AM Julie London “DADDY” from Sex Symbols (2011) on Not Now Music
11:15AM Marilyn Monroe “Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy” from Marilyn Monroe: Anthology (2006) on Stardust Records
11:18AM Nancy Sinatra “Something Stupid” from The Hit Years
11:20AM Patsy Montana “I Love My Daddy Too” from Pride of the Prairie (CD, Album, Private, 2000) on Cattle Records
11:21AM Leith Stevens “Daddy Long Legs” from Cops and Robbers
11:30AM Clarence Carter “Patches” from 101 Soul Anthems
11:30AM O C Smith “Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp” from Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp (Single)
11:32AM Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton “Mommie, Ain't That Daddy?” from Porter and Dolly (Vinyl, Private)
11:33AM The Mills Brothers “Daddy’s' Little Girl” from Big Hits & Highlights Of 1950, Vol. 13(2009) on Blue Orchid
11:37AM Tomita “VENUS” from The Planets
11:38AM Nina Simone “My Father” from My Father (Single)
11:47AM Johnny Cash “Daddy Sang Bass” from Johnny Cash Rarity Collection, Vol. 2 (2011) on JB Production
11:47AM Bob Dylan “Father of Night” from New Morning (Vinyl, Album, 1970) on Columbia/Legacy (, USA)
11:54AM Nancy Sinatra “You Only Live Twice” from James Bond 007 - 13 Original Themes (1983) on Mixed Repertoire (,, USA)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Roger’s Friday Acid Trip hosted by Craig

Marc Time makes believe he is Craig Leve from KWVA’s Snap Crackle and Pop and plays music for an acid trip .

Listen Here:

04:07PM The Japandroids “Younger Us” from Celebration Rock (Rotation)
04:08PM Grimes “SKIN” from Visions (Rotation, Single, 2012, added 04/10/2012) on 4AD
04:08PM Imogen Heap “Propeller Seeds (Commentary)” from Spaces and Places
04:12PM Asobi Seksu “THURSDAY” from Citrus (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Friendly Fire Recordings
04:13PM York “THE AWAKENING” from Ambient Lounge
04:26PM Röyksopp “Shores of Easy” from Morning Becomes Eclectic (2011)
04:40PM 2Raumwohnung “2 von Millionen von Sternen” from Kommt Zusammen (2001) onUniversal Music Domestic Rock/Urban
04:50PM Neu! “Fur Immer (Forever)” from Neu! 2 (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on Gronland Records/High Wire Music
05:04PM Sigur Ros “Valtari” from Valtari (Rotation, 2012) on XL Recordings Ltd
05:12PM Kraftwerk “Europe Endless” from Trans Europe Express (Vinyl) on Capitol (US)
05:30PM Gong “Glad Stoned Buried Fielding...” from Live at Glastonbury Faire (1971)
05:51PM The Rolling Stones “Sing This All Together (See What Happens)” from Their Satanic Majesties Request (mp3player/iPod, Album, Private, 1967) on Abkco

Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 Hour Hangover with DJ No Sho and Roy

Rev Marc Gets morose about suicide and getting old ,and then makes fun of the Queen. Hour Three is hosted by DJ No Sho, and Hour Four is hosted by Roy-All American DJ.

10:08AM Fleetwood Mac “Woman of 1,000 Years” from Future Games (CD, Album, 1971) onwarner / reprise
10:08AM Georges Montalba “Danse Macabre” from Pipe Organ Favorites & Fantasy In Pipe Organ and Percussion (World, 2001) on Hit Thing Records
10:09AM The Beach Boys “SUMMER'S GONE” from That's Why God Made the Radio (CD, Album, 2012) on Capitol Records (new release) (US)
10:23AM Langley Schools Music Project “Venus and Mars / Rock Show” from Innocence and Despair (2001) on Basta Music
10:25AM They Might Be Giants “Ram On” from Listen To What The Man Said
10:27AM Paul McCartney “Venus and MMars” from Venus and Mars
10:28AM Kevin Hear and Steve Page “Junk” from Listen to What the Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney
10:29AM Semisonic “Jet” from Listen to What the Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney
10:31AM John McFarland “Summer Storm” from Provocatif
10:33AM Mr. Rogers “Garden of Your Mind” from Mr. Rogers Remixed
10:34AM Imogen Heap “Propeller Seeds” from Spaces and Places
10:45AM Tony Randall and Lynn Redgrave “The Human Spirit” from 45
10:46AM K.d. Lang “The Air That I Breathe” from Drag
10:49AM Tony Hatch “Morning Dew” from Psych Out!
10:50AM The Mamas and the Papas “Somebody Groovy” from California Dreamin' (Laptop, 2007) on Geffen (,, USA)
10:51AM (Remix) “Somebody Groovy” from Remix
11:04AM Alice Cooper “SCHOOL'S OUT” from School's Out (CD, Album, 1972) on Warner Bros. (USA)
11:04AM Manfred Mann “Up the Junction Instrumental” from Up the Junction OST (CD, Album)
11:05AM The Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen” from Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (CD, Album, Private, 1976) on Warner Bros. (USA)
11:05AM Motörhead “God Save The Queen” from God Save the Queen - Single (2000) onSteamhammer
11:06AM The Queen Haters “I Hate the Bloody Queen” from SCTV
11:10AM Michael Magne “COPACABANA” from Tropical Fantasy (Vinyl)
11:12AM Spanky and Our Gang “Sunday Will Never Be The Same” from 20th Century Rocks - 60's Pop/Those Were The Days (1976) on K-Tel
11:22AM The Lemon Pipers “Green Tambourine” from Bubblegum Music Is the Naked Truth, Vol. 1 (2010) on Legacy Recordings (, Japan)
11:23AM The Strawberry Alarm Clock “TOMORROW” from Wake Up Where You Are(2012) on Global Recording Artists
11:26AM The Cowsills “We Can Fly” from The Best of the Cowsills (CD, Album, Private, 1988) on BUDGET (AM)
11:28AM The Cuff Links “Tracy” from Sugar Sugar - The Birth of Bubblegum Pop (2012) onSony Music Entertainment (, USA)
11:30AM Lemon Jelly “In The Bath” from Lemon (CD, 2000) on XL(, USA)
11:31AM The Lovin' Spoonful “Butchie's Tune” from DayDream (Single, Private, 2000) onBuddah
11:37AM Megan on Mad Men “Zou Bisou Bisou” from Zou bisou bisou - Single
11:38AM Terry and the Topics “Where's My Pussycat” from The '60s Hipster Lounge
11:41AM Buddy Rich “Plays in a Beatnik Club” from 100 Drum Classics (Jazz, 2011) onClassic Music International
11:42AM Mad Magazine “Nose Job” from A Bottle Of Whup Ass
11:47AM Unknown “Anti Beatnik Record” from after the art show (added 08/01/2010)
11:48AM Woody and Dave “The Shut Ups” from 45
11:52AM Psychedelic Guitars “Lets Ride Again” from Psychedelic Guitars
11:57AM William Shatner “Space Trucking” from Seeking Major Tom (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Cleopatra
12:01PM Andy Newman “RED SKIES” from Rainbow
12:02PM Rod McKuen “No Pictures Please” from Beatsville (2011) on Trunk Records
12:09PM Röyksopp “Shores of Easy” from Morning Becomes Eclectic (2011)
12:16PM James Marshall “YOU AND I” from Original Music from the Films and Works of David Lynch (CD, Album, Private)
12:22PM J J Burnel “Crabs” from Euroman Cometh
12:23PM Sounds Of American Fast Food Restaurants “Sounds of American Fast Food Restaurants” from Sounds of American Fast Food Restaurants
12:27PM Grimes “Nightmusic (feat. Majical Clouds)” from Visions (Rotation, Single, 2012, added 04/10/2012) on 4AD
12:35PM Kraftwerk “Pocket Calculator on ItalianTV” from Alle 40 Goed - Absolute 70's (2010) on Mixed Repertoire (,, USA)
12:36PM Homer Henderson and the Dalworthington Garden Boys “Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine” from Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine (Single)
12:37PM Jack Payne And His BBC Orchestra “Hunting Tigers Out in India” from British Dance Bands of the 1920s, Vol. 2 (2010) on Van Up Records
12:46PM William O.P. Schepper “De Tien Geboden” from De Tien Geboden (Single)
12:47PM Janet Green “Fascist Threat” from Fascist Threat (Single)
12:52PM Young@Heart Chorus “Road To Nowhere” from Young@Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2007) on Rhino (, US)
12:55PM Pete Shelley “Homosapien” from Homosapien (Vinyl, Single, Private, 2008) onWestern Songs Ltd

01:03PM Robert Connelly “The Complacent Americans” from The Complacent Americans(Single)
01:04PM Kyle MacLaughlin “My Portland” from Portlandia
01:05PM Negativland “Helter Stupid Newscast” from Marc Time Collction
01:06PM Happy Fats “Veteran's Plea” from Red Hot Cajun (2010) on Excalibur Recordings
01:12PM Sammy Davis Jr. “Vehicle” from The Sammy Davis Jr. Show (2005) onRhino/Warner Bros.
01:13PM The Rokes “Piangi Con Me” from I Grandi Successi Originali: The Rokes (World, 2000) on RCA Records Label (USA)
01:18PM Phil Kraus and Bob Rosengarden “The Comedians” from Songs from the Bully Pulpit
01:21PM Johnny Sea “GENERATION” from Day For Decision (1999) on Lost Gold Records
01:23PM Swallows “It Ain't The Meat” from It Ain't the Meat (Other, Single, Private, 1952) onKing
01:27PM Rusty Canyon Banana Boys “Banana What a Crazy Fruit” from Banana What a Crazy Fruit (Single)
01:28PM Cindy and Lindy “Have Some Popcorn” from Have Some Popcorn (Single)
01:30PM Randy Hanzick MD “I'd Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me, Than A Full Frontal Lobotomy” from Ni Fa Feng Le Ma?
01:32PM The Champs “Jumping Bean” from IN the BEGINNING... (2011) on AP Music
01:39PM Thee Midniters “I Found a Peanut” from 100 '60s Garage Rock Hits (2010) onGarage Masters
01:39PM The Astronauts “Syncopate” from Syncopate (CD, Album, Private)
01:42PM Serge Gainsbourg “No No Yes Yes” from No No Yes Yes (Single)
01:43PM The Wildtones “Sick Chick” from Sick Chick (Single)
01:48PM Baba Brooks and his Band “One Eyed Giant” from One Eyed Giant (Single)
01:51PM Helmut Zacharias “Sgt Pepper Medley” from Sgt Pepper Medley (Single)
01:52PM 100 Proof (Aged In Soul) “Somebody's Been Sleeping (US Single Version)” fromSomebody's Been Sleeping (US Single Version) (Single)

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Little Marcy Hangover 6/3/12

Rev Marc remembers Little Marcy aka Marcy Tigner who passed away in May. Marcy was the Queen of Evangelical Puppet Records. Also songs about Venus and Hot Rods.

Listen Here:

10:03AM Little Marcy “Little Marcy Visits Smokey the Bear Part 1” from Little Marcy Visits Smokey the Bear (Vinyl, Album, Other)
10:06AM Marcy Tigner “Beyond The Sunset” from Some Golden Daybreak (Vinyl, Album, Other) on Whitney
10:09AM Little Marcy “Happy Day Express” from Happy Day Express (Vinyl, Album)
10:12AM Little Marcy “Happy Day Express (new version)” from Happy am I (Vinyl, Album, Other)
10:15AM Little Marcy “When Mr. Satan Knocks at my Heart's Door” from Marcy Sings to Children (Vinyl, Album)
10:18AM Little Marcy “Down in the Dumps” from Happy Day Express (Vinyl, Album)
10:21AM Marcy Tigner “My Jesus, I Love Thee” from Marcy Tigner,Trombone (Vinyl, Album) on Christian Faith Recordings
10:24AM Little Marcy “I Love Little Pussy” from 50 Favorite Nursery Rhymes, Vol. 2 (Vinyl, Album, Other)
10:27AM Little Marcy “It's Bubbling” from Happy am I (Vinyl, Album, Other)
10:30AM Little Marcy “Fu-Ma-Roo” from Little Marcy Talks with the Animals (Vinyl, Album, Other) on Word
10:33AM Little Marcy “Suzy Snowflake” from CHRISTMAS (Vinyl, Album, Other)
10:36AM Little Marcy “God is Watching” from Little Marcy's Greatest Hits (Other)
10:39AM Little Marcy “Wear a Smile” from Little Marcy's Greatest Hits (Other)
10:42AM George " Bongo Joe" Coleman “Innocent Little Doggie” from Bongo Joe (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on Arhoolie Records
10:45AM Tomita “Venus” from The Planets
10:48AM Shocking Blue “VENUS” from The Very Best of Shocking Blue - Singles A's and B's (2001) on Red Bullet
10:54AM Frankie Avalon “VENUS” from Gold: Frankie Avalon (2012) on Seniors
10:55AM The Velvet Undergound “Venus in Furs” from Velvet Underground and Nico
10:56AM Jimmy Clanton “Venus In Blue Jeans” from Jimmy Clanton - The Extended Play Collection, Volume 73 - EP (2012) on Cherished Records
10:59AM Television “VENUS” from Marquee Moon (CD, Album, Private, 1977) on Elektra(, USA)
11:02AM The Beach Boys “Honkin' Down The Highway” from Love You
11:05AM THE RUMBLERS “It's A Gas” from The Birth of Surf (2011) on Classic Music International
11:08AM Paul Revere and The Raiders “Corvair Baby” from Paul Revere and the Raiders Greatest Hits
11:11AM The Modern Lovers “Roadrunner” from The Modern Lovers (CD, Album, Private, 1976) on Castle Music (UK)
11:14AM The Trashmen “My Woodie” from Surfin' Bird (Single, 2008) on K-Tel
11:17AM Steppenwolf “BORN TO BE WILD” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Steppenwolf (1999) on Geffen (,, USA)
11:20AM The Jerry Ross Symposium “VENUS” from rare collectives vol.4
11:23AM Dolly Parton “Jolene” from 45 Played at 33 (Vinyl, Single)
11:26AM Vivian Stanshall “Weather Report” from BBC
11:27AM The Rutles “Hold My Hand” from The Rutles (CD, Album, Private, 1978) onRhino/Warner Bros.
11:30AM Merseybeats of Liverpool “BY the WAY” from Beatlerama
11:33AM The Wedgewoods “September IN The Rain” from Mop Top Pop: Beat Beat Beat, Vol. 3 (2002) on Sanctuary Records Fontana (,, USA)
11:36AM The Troggs “I WANT YOU” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Troggs (2004) on ISLAND MERCURY
11:37AM Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra “THE LAST TIME” from The Last Time (Single)
11:40AM Nouvelle Vague “Dancing With Myself” from Best of Nouvelle Vague (Limited Edition) (2010) on Peacefrog
11:43AM Kings of Convenience “Gold For the Price of Silver (Erot Mix)” from Versus (2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)
11:46AM Marina Celeste “Orgasm Addict ((Buzzcocks))” from New Waves (2012) on Water Music Records
11:49AM Ken Griffin “EBB Tide” from The Best of Ken Griffin Volume One (2009) onHallmark
11:52AM ? and the Mysterians “96 Tears” from The Best of ? & the Mysterians: Cameo Parkway 1966-1967 (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Abkco
11:53AM Harry Nilsson “Schmilsson Promo” from Schmilsson Promo (Single)
11:56AM Jim Backus “Caveman” from Mama, I'm Swollen