Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walk on the Wild Side Hangover 9/30/12

Rev Marc plays a few versions of "Walk on the Wild Side" , remembers Andy Williams, and gets funky.

Listen HERE:
10:06AM Lou Reed “Walk On The Wild Side” from Transformer (CD, Album, BlackLabel, 2002) on RCA/BMG Heritage
10:07AM Nancy Sinatra “Walk On The Wild Side” from How Does It Feel? (2006) on Boots Enterprises, Inc.
10:07AM Saul Bass “Walk On The Wild Side” from OSTWalk On The Wild Side
10:08AM Marvin Gaye “Walk On The Wild Side” from On Broadway
10:09AM The Peddlers “Walk On The Wild Side” from Live on My World of Music BBC
10:10AM Jimmy Smith “Walk On The Wild Side” from Jimmy Smith At the Organ, Volume 2(Jazz, 2010) on Marathon Media International Ltd.
10:21AM Yvonne DeCarlo “One For My Baby” from Yvonne DeCarlo sings
10:22AM Nat King Cole and George Shearing “Pick Yourself Up” from 100 Jazz Classics
10:29AM Bridget Bardot “La Madrague” from Bridget Bardot
10:29AM Astrud Gilberto “Trains And Boats And Planes” from Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour(2001) on Verve
10:42AM Henry Mancini and His Orchestra “MOON RIVER” from 100 Greatest Italian American Classics (2010) on Classic Music International
10:43AM Andy Williams “Lonely Street” from Lonely Street
10:44AM Andy Williams and Peggy Powers “I Like Your KInd of Love” from 100 Hits Legends - Andy Williams
10:45AM Claudine Longet and Andy Williams “A Man And A Woman” from Claudine
10:45AM Erroll Garner “Solitaire” from Best of Erroll Garner (Jazz, 2011) on Klub Music Publishing
10:55AM Mikis Theordorakis “Zorba's Dance” from Zorba's Dance - Single
10:55AM Caroline Carter “Ballad of Possibilities” from Dream Babes Volume 5 (CD, Comp, Private)
10:56AM Simone White “Never Be That Tough” from Silver Silver (2012) on Honest Jon's Records
11:00AM Syd Barrett “Gigolo Aunt” from Barrett (CD, Album, Other, 1977) on Virgin (UK)
11:02AM Warren Barker “Monique” from Music of Desire
11:09AM The Damned “LIFE GOES ON” from Strawberries (Deluxe Edition) (2005) onSanctuary Records Group Ltd. (US)
11:09AM Caravan “In the Land of Grey & Pink” from In the Land of Grey and Pink (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on Decca Music Group Ltd.
11:12AM Seu Jorge “STARMAN” from The Life Aquatic - Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge (Laptop, 2005) on Hollywood
11:23AM Acquaviva “Tillie's Tango” from Music For Your Midnight Mood
11:24AM Deadmau5 “Telecommunications” from New
11:26AM Röyksopp “Sparks” from Melody A.M. (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)
11:30AM 4 Non Blondes “Bless The Beasts And Children” from If I Were a Carpenter (1994) on A&M (UK)
11:32AM Roger Craig “Persian Love Song.” from Great Bass Legends (19 Incomparable Performances)
11:35AM Miquel Brown “So Many Men, So Little Time (Extended)” from 80s Revolution Disco Fox, Vol. 2 (2010) on ZYX Music
11:42AM William Shatner “I Wanna Sex You Up” from Conan Obrien
11:44AM Color Me Badd “I Wanna Sex You Up” from Rhino Hi-Five: Color Me Badd - EP(2005) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (, USA)
11:45AM Billy Paul “Let's Make A Baby” from Billy Paul: Super Hits (2002) on Epic (USA)
11:48AM Modern Sound Quintet “Memphis Underground” from Scandinavian Funk Experience
11:50AM Fleetwood Mac “Black Magic Woman” from English Rose (1969) on Sony Music UK
11:52AM Roxy Music “To Turn You On” from Avalon (CD, Album, Private, 2003) on Virgin(UK)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Three Hour Fall Hangover 9/23/12

Rev Marc starts early and celebrates the new season with songs about autumn, leaves, love and madness.
Listen HERE :

08:57AM John Cage "Silence" excerpt
09:00AM Brian Eno “1/1” from Eno Box
09:10AM Grimes “Hallways” from Halfaxa (2010) on Arbutus Records
09:18AM Stina Nordenstam “I See You Again” from And She Closed Her Eyes (1994) on WM Sweden
09:19AM Chrysta Bell “THIS TRAIN” from This Train (Single, 2011) on La Rose Noire, LLC
09:26AM Julee Cruise “The World Spins” from Floating Into the Night (Laptop, Album, Private, 1989) on Warner Bros. (USA)
09:39AM Imogen Heap “Half Life” from Ellipse (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, 2009, added 02/13/2011) on RCA (i, USA)
09:44AM Bon Iver “Lump Sum” from For Emma, Forever Ago (CD, Album, 2007) onJagjaguwar / Hostess
09:49AM Nick Drake “River Man” from Five Leaves Left (Album, Private, 1968) on Island (US)
09:55AM Kings of Convenience “STAY OUT OF TROUBLE” from Riot On An Empty Street(CD, Album, 2004) on Source UK
09:59AM Simon And Garfunkel “Benedictus” from Wednesday Morning 5 AM
10:04AM The Firesign Theatre “Don't Crush That Dwarf Hand Me the Pliers” from Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers (1970) on Columbia/Legacy (, Europe)
10:09AM The Pretenders “Back On The Chain Gang” from Singles (CD, Album, 1987) on Sire
10:13AM The Kinks “Autumn Almanac” from The Kink Kronikles (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Reprise (, USA)
10:14AM Halie Loren “AUTUMN LEAVES” from THEY OUGHTA WRITE A SONG (青い影)(Jazz, 2008) on Victor
10:14AM Roger Williams “AUTUMN LEAVES” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Roger Williams (2004) on Geffen/MCA
10:18AM Ruthann Friedman “WINDY” from Hurried Life - Lost Recordings 1965-1971 (2006) on Water (Canada)
10:25AM Aimee Mann “Labrador” from Charmer (Album, Private, 2012) on Proper Records
10:26AM Saint Etienne “Over The Border” from Words and Music By Saint Etienne (Laptop, Album, Private, 2012, added 06/02/2012) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Canada)
10:31AM Ken Griffin “Flirtation Waltz” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
10:32AM Todd Rundgren “A Dream Goes On Forever” from Todd (1974) on Rhino(, US)
10:38AM Margo Guryan “Think Of Rain” from Take a Picture (Laptop, Album, Private, 1968) on Oglio
10:40AM The Lovin' Spoonful “Rain On The Roof” from Pop Masters: Younger Girl (2005) onCarinco AG
10:44AM XTC “Season Cycle” from Skylarking (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1986, added 01/09/2011) on Geffen Records (USA)
10:45AM Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra “A New Fangled Tango” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
10:46AM The Peddlers “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever(Breaking Bad Mix)” from Marc Time Collection
10:50AM The Doors “Summer's Almost Gone” from Waiting For The Sun (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1968) on Rhino/Elektra (, Los Angeles)
10:50AM Johnny Mathis “Wild Is The Wind” from Essential Early Works (2012) on Rolled Gold Classics
10:57AM The Shangrilas “Past Present and Future” from Greatest Hits
11:01AM Owen Maercks “Little Black Egg” from Owen Maercks (Unreleased)
11:02AM Valjean “Theme from Ben Casey” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
11:08AM David Bowie “I'm Deranged (Edit)” from Lost Highway (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (1997) on Interscope (, US)
11:08AM David Byrne and Brian Eno “Strange Overtones” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on Todomundo
11:09AM Syd Barrett “Rats” from Barrett (CD, Album, Other, 1977) on Virgin (UK)
11:10AM Ferrante and Teicher “Negligee” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
11:12AM Marcy Tigner “Mairsie Dotes” from EP (Vinyl, EP)
11:19AM Ella Fitzgerald “Air Mail Special” from Something To Live For
11:22AM Joan Barton “The Most Fun I Had Without Laughing” from 45
11:24AM Miss Toni Fisher “The Big Hurt” from The Big Hurt - Single (2010) on GAMC
11:25AM Jack Nietzche “Charmaine” from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Original Soundtrack)
11:35AM Emmett Miller “I Ain't Got Nobody” from Minstrel Man from Georgia (CD, Album, Private, 2001) on Legacy Records
11:36AM Big Star “The Ballad of El Goodo” from #1 Record (Laptop, Album, Private, 1972) onArdent
11:40AM Various Artists “Two Kinds of People” from Marc Time Collection
11:43AM Paul Anka “Eyes Without A Face” from Rock Swings (CD, Album, Private, 2005) onUniversal Classics & Jazz
11:47AM Lawrence Welk “Calcutta” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
11:51AM Randy Newman “I'm Dreaming of a White President” from New
11:52AM The Yardbirds “Beck's Boogie” from Classic Yardbirds, Vol. 1 (1999) on Charly Digital
11:54AM Frank Sinatra “THAT'S LIFE” from The Best Of The Best (CD, Album, Jazz, 2011) on EMI (Reprise Records & Capitol Records)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Gone Hangover

Rev Marc gets Real Gone.
Listen HERE:
09:04AM Terry Riley “A Rainbow in Curved Air, for electric piano, dumbak & tambourines” from Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air, Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band (1969) on Sony Classical

09:05AM Soft Machine “Moon In June (Remastered)” from Third (1970) on Columbia (, USA)

09:36AM Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint - Fast (movement 3)” from Phases (2010) on Nonesuch (UK)

09:36AM Röyksopp “Electric Counterpoint: III - Fast” from Track of the Month (Rotation, Comp, Private, 2010, added 11/24/2010)

09:44AM Gustavo Santaolalla “De Ushuaia a la Quiaca” from Ronroco (1997) on Nonesuch (UK)

09:45AM Röyksopp “De Ushuaia a la Quiaca” from Track of the Month (Rotation, Comp, Private, 2010, added 11/24/2010)

09:57AM Kings of Convenience “Manhattan Skyline” from Winning a Battle, Losing the War - EP (2005) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)

10:05AM The Peddlers “BIRTH” from How Cool Is Cool (2002) on Columbia (, USA)

10:07AM Kevin Ayers “Whatevershebringswesing” from Whatevershebringswesing (mp3player/iPod, Album, Private, 2003) on Harvest (US)

10:14AM Malcolm Lockyear “Picnic for Strings” from Best of Marc Time (CD, Album, Private, 1969) on MCA

10:14AM BB King “The Thrill Is Gone (B.b. King)” from Blue Devil Blues Mind

10:22AM Bryan Ferry “September Song” from As Time Goes By

10:22AM Jeff Lynne “Now You're Gone” from Armchair Theatre (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Reprise Records (, USA)

10:28AM Les Baxter “Atlantis (instr.)” from Atlantis (instr.) (Single)

10:29AM Zoltan “Fortune #25” from Fortune #25 (Single)

10:38AM Neil MacArthur “Without Her” from Into the Afterlife (Laptop, Album, Private)

10:39AM Kings of Convenience “Toxic Girl (Monte Carlo 1963 version)” from Versus (2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)

10:40AM France Gall “Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son” from Poupee de cire poupee de son - Single (World, 2011) on Magenta

10:43AM Leroy Anderson “PlinkPlank Plunk” from Blue Tango - a Leroy Anderson Centennial Celebration (vol. 1) (CD)

10:47AM Imogen Heap “Half Life (instrumental)” from Ellipse (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, 2009, added 02/13/2011) on RCA (i, USA)

10:48AM Imogen Heap “Half Life” from Ellipse (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, 2009, added 02/13/2011) on RCA (i, USA)

10:52AM Frou Frou “Breathe In” from Details (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, 2002) on Island (US)

10:55AM Mop Mop “Amarcord” from Diva Italiano

11:07AM Billy Stewart “Fat Boy (Single)” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Billy Stewart (2000) on Geffen (USA)

11:07AM Acquaviva “Curtain Time” from Curtain Time

11:08AM Björk “HYPERBALLAD” from Post (CD, Album, Private, 1995) on 143/Lava/Atlantic

11:11AM Flaming Lips “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” from The Soft Bulletin (CD, Album, Private, 1998) on Restless

11:14AM Senor Coconut “Neon Lights (Album Version)” from El Baile Aleman (2000) on Essay Recordings

11:16AM Kraftwerk “Pocket Calculator on ItalianTV” from Alle 40 Goed - Absolute 70's (2010) on Mixed Repertoire (,, USA)

11:20AM Easy Russia “(Something)” from (Something) (Single)

11:21AM Devo “Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)” from Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) - Single (2012) on Devo Inc.

11:29AM William Shatner “F**K You” from Live on the George Lopez Show

11:30AM Gang Green “Voices Carry” from American Hardcore (The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986) (2006) on Rhino (, US)

11:43AM Monks “Monk Time” from Monk Time (Single, 1993) on Youngsta Records / SoSouth

11:43AM Phillip Glass “Glassworks: Opening” from Emergence

11:44AM Buzz Martin “That's When Something Breaks Down” from The Old Time Logger (Vinyl, Album, Private) Local

11:45AM Sounds Of American Fast Food Restaurants “Sounds of American Fast Food Restaurants” from Sounds of American Fast Food Restaurants

11:47AM Kinks “Apeman” from Lola Vs. Powerman and the Moneyground, Part 1

11:49AM Janet Green “Fascist Threat” from Fascist Threat (Single)

11:54AM Dean Milan “Shadoobie” from Dean Milan (2010) on Dean Milan

11:55AM David Lynch “Good Day Today” from Crazy Clown Time (CD, Single, Private, 2011) on Sunday Best

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Changes Hangover 9/9/12

Rev Marc ponders the changes in his life and his return to the world of day jobs. Also a tribute to Joe South and songs from “Breaking Bad “.
Listen Here :
10:00AM David Bowie “CHANGES” from Hunky Dory (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Ryko
10:05AM Simone White “Never Be That Tough” from Silver Silver (2012) on Honest Jon's Records
10:05AM Dionne Warwick “I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself” from Dionne Warwick - The Bacharach Years (2007) on X5 Music Group
10:08AM Vince Guaraldi “Moon River” from The Definitive Vince Guaraldi (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Concord
10:09AM Dave Mason “World in Changes” from Alone Together (Album, Private, 1970) on Blue Thumb Records
10:20AM Lord Large & Roy Phillips “CLOSER” from The Lord's 1st XI (2006) on Acid Jazz Records
10:21AM Cotton Jones “I Am the Changer” from Paranoid Cocoon (CD, Album, Private, 2009) on Suicide Squeeze Records
10:23AM Vince Guaraldi “Since I Fell for You” from Very Best of the Jazz Giants (CD, Comp, Private, 2000) on Fantasy Records
10:24AM Jim Pepper “Witchi Tai To” from Pepper's Pow Wow
10:34AM Brian Eno “By This River (Before & After Science)” from Before and after Science(CD, Album, Private, 2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT(,, USA)
10:34AM Flaming Lips “Suddenly Everything Has Changed” from The Soft Bulletin (CD, Album, Private, 1998) on Restless
10:41AM The Moon Boys “Apollo 11” from 45
10:42AM The Byrds “Change Is Now” from Notorious Byrd Brothers
10:43AM Jefferson Airplane “Spare Chaynge” from After Bathing At Baxter's (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on RCA Records Label (USA)
10:59AM Jimmy Smith “Root Down (And Get It)” from Jimmy Smith Live! Root Down (Private) on Verve
11:02AM Brian Wilson “Love And Mercy” from Brian Wilson
11:03AM Vince Guaraldi “Mr. Lucky” from The Definitive Vince Guaraldi (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Concord
11:07AM Joe South “Hush” from The Best of Joe South (CD, Comp, Private, 1990) on Rhino(, US)
11:08AM Joe South “Games People Play ” from Best of Joe South
11:09AM Billy Joe Royal “Down In The Boondocks” from American Legend: Billy Joe Royal(2008) on American Legends
11:09AM George Shearing “Pick Yourself Up” from Jazz Masters
11:10AM Nat King Cole and George Shearing “Pick Yourself Up” from 100 Jazz Classics
11:11AM Frank Sinatra “Pick Yourself Up” from Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years (CD, Album, Private, 1991) on Warner Brothers (USA)
11:21AM Peggy Lee “Is That All There Is ?” from Is That All There Is ? (Vinyl)
11:25AM Herb Alpert “Popcorn” from Best of
11:26AM Tommy James and the Shondells “Crystal Blue Persuasion” from Crystal Blue
11:32AM The Monkees “GOIN' DOWN” from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition] (Laptop, Album, Private, 2007) on Atlantic Records/ATG(, USA)
11:32AM Leon Russell “TIGHTROPE” from Carney (Album, Private, 1972) on Shelter
11:34AM Lavalamp “Neve Ad Aprile” from Diva Italiana
11:35AM Captain Sensible “There Are More Snakes Than Ladders” from The Collection (2003) on Spectrum (US)
11:47AM XTC “Mayor of Simpleton” from Oranges and Lemons (CD, Album, 1989) on Geffen Records (USA)
11:48AM Fleetwood Mac “Oh Well” from Then Play On (1970) on Reprise (, USA)
11:52AM Captain Kangaroo “Theme Song” from Theme Song (Single)
11:54AM Dog “Game of Bones (Game of Thrones)” from Game of Bones(Game of Thrones)(Single)
11:55AM Cat “Over the Rainbow” from Over the Rainbow (Single)
11:56AM The Kinks “DAYS” from The Ultimate Collection (Laptop, Album, Private, 2002) on Sanctuary Records (UK)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Hangover 9/2/2012

Rev Marc celebrates his birthday on the air with birthday cakes party favors and songs about birthdays and his massive ego.

Listen HERE:

10:02AM Julie London “September In The Rain” from Calendar Girl (Vinyl, Album, Jazz, 2011) on Cristal records
10:06AM Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” from The Definitive Collection of Marilyn Monroe (2009) on BOFM Ltd
10:08AM Frank Sinatra “September of My Years” from Sinatra at the Sands
10:11AM Peddlers “Steel Mill” from Peddlers Box
10:12AM The Tiny Town Orchestra “Happy Birthday” from Happy Birthday
10:13AM William Shatner “It Was A Very Good Year” from The Transformed Man (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Geffen (USA)
10:17AM Mort Garson “Virgo- The Perpetual Perfectionist” from Zodiac Cosmic Sounds
10:19AM The Rascals “Adrian's Birthday” from Freedom Suite
10:26AM Bonzo Dog Band “Look At Me I'm Wonderful (Remastered)” from A Dog's Life - The Albums 1967-1972 (Remastered)(2011) on EMI UK (US)
10:28AM Röyksopp “Happy Birthday” from Sparks - EP (2003) on EMI France (,, USA)
10:35AM Peddlers “Lockshen Pudding” from Peddlers Box
10:36AM The Idle Race “The Birthday” from Back to the Story (1996) on EMI UK (US)
10:37AM Roger Christian “Virgo” from Discover Yourself Through Astrology (Vinyl, Album, Private)
10:39AM Sammy Davis Jr. “I've Gotta Be Me” from My Special Angel (CD, Comp, Private, 2009) on Direct Holdings Americas
10:44AM Lord Large “Sun In the Sands” from Left Right and Centre - Single (2006) on Acid Jazz Records
10:48AM The Peddlers “EBB Tide” from How Cool Is Cool (2002) on Columbia (, USA)
10:54AM Elvis Presley “Happy Birthday James Burton” from #1 (CD, Album, 2007) on RCA (i, USA)
10:55AM Ringo Starr “I'm The Greatest” from Ringo (1973) on EMI UK Beatles
10:57AM Maurice Chevalier And Hermione Gingold “I Remember It Well (From GIGI)” from 75 Further Songs Remembering Children's Favourites and Junior Choice (2012) on EP Music
11:10AM The Beatles “BIRTHDAY” from The Beatles (The White Album) (Laptop, Album, Private, 1968) on Capitol (US)
11:11AM Baja Marimba Band “Guacomole” from Guacomole (Single)
11:11AM Gunther “Ding Dong Song” from Ding Dong Song (CD, Single, Private)
11:12AM The Rutles “NUMBER ONE” from The Rutles (CD, Album, Private, 1978) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (, USA)
11:13AM Zoltan “#5” from Arcade Stuff
11:16AM Sparks “No.1 Song In Heaven” from No.1 Song In Heaven
11:20AM The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra “Big Man In Town” from East Meets West
11:21AM James Brown “I Can't Stand Myself” from Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag 1964-1969 (1996) on Universal Motown Records Group
11:26AM The Isley Brothers “Nobody But Me” from The Essential Isley Brothers
11:27AM Tommy James and the Shondells “Say I Am” from Original Hits - Sixties (2009) on Mixed Repertoire(,, USA)
11:36AM The Divinyls “I Touch Myself” from I Touch Myself (Single)
11:43AM The Troggs “I Can'T Conrol Myself” from The Best of The Troggs (1994) on Island Def Jam
11:52AM Ilee Walker “"Happy Birthday"” from Live
11:53AM Kids Record “Happy Birthday” from Happy Birthday (Single)
11:53AM Bo Diddley “I'm Alright” from 1st Album (CD, Album, Private)
11:56AM Ramones “Happy Birthday” from Happy Birthday (Single)
11:56AM The Sex Pistols “My Way” from The Great Rock & Roll Swindle (CD, Album, Private, 1988) on Warner