Sunday, February 03, 2013

Eugene Record Convention Hangover 2/3/13

Rev Marc deals with a nasty flu and two shy and uncooperative guests from the Eugene Record Convention while posing for a difficult photo shoot for the Eugene Register Guard. Also Marc, Bill, and Laurie play cheesy vinyl and talk about next Sunday's Eugene Record Convention.
Listen HERE:
10:07AM Los Shakers “Break it off” from Por Favor (Laptop, Album, Private, 2001) on Big Beat (UK)
10:08AM Senor Wences “S'all Right? S'all Right” from 45
10:12AM Bull Moose Jackson “Big 10 Inch Record (Of the Blues)” from The Best Of Burlesque (Jazz, 2012) on Hyde Park Records
10:13AM Ray Martin “WITCH DOCTOR” from Pop Goes the Swingin Marching Band
10:16AM Lennon Sisters “Mickey Mouse Mambo” from 45
10:21AM The Tammys “Egyptian Shamba” from Girl Group Sounds
10:23AM Dora Hall “Secret of My Success” from Pop Teen Hits
10:24AM Neil Norman “Twilight Zone” from Greatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. 2 (1981) on Gnp Crescendo
10:26AM Neil Norman “Star Wars” from Greatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. 2 (1981) on Gnp Crescendo
10:30AM Utopia “I Just Want to Touch You” from Deface the Music (1992) on Rhino(, US)
10:32AM Johnny Mann Singers “I'm Happy Just To Dance with You” from Beatle Ballads
10:34AM Johnny Mann Singers “If I fell” from Beatle Ballads
10:35AM Unknown “Let It Be” from Let It Be ,Hey Jude and other hits on Pickwick Records
10:40AM The Boys From California “The Reaganomic Blues” from The Reaganomic Blues(Single)
10:42AM Blood Sweat and Brass “Journey To The Center Of Your Mind” from The Phoenix Authority
10:44AM The Fantastic Baggys “Save Your Sundays for Surfin” from Best Of
10:46AM Betty Hutton “Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief” from Mairzy Doats 44 Wacky Hits
10:48AM Dinah Shore “Doing What comes Naturally” from Mairzcy Doats 44 Wacky Hits
1050 AM Baroque Burt Bacharach “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” from Baroque Burt Bacharach
10:52AM Freddy Fredrickson "Mr. Downtown" from That Thing You Do OST
10:55 AM The Chantrellines "Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart" from That Thing You Do OST
10:58AM The Saturn 5 "Voyage Around the Moon" from That Thing You Do OST
10:59AM Diane Dane "My World Is Over" from That Thing You Do OST
11:02AM 13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me” from High Fidelity OST
11:04AM The Kinks “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy” from High Fidelity OST
11:06AM Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme “With a Little Help from My Friends” from Real True Loving
11:08AM Johnny Mathis “My Sweet Lord” from Easy Listening Beatles
11:10AM Eddie Lawrence “The Good Old Days” from The Old Philosopher
11:15AM Ronnie Charles “Something in the Air” from Prestidigitation
11:28AM Dave Appollon “Miserlou” from Mandolins!
11:32AM The Orchids “Newlywed from Best of Doo Wop
11:35AM Edwin Starr “Agent Double O Soul” from 45
11:38AM Terry Baxter “Psychedelic Shack from Terry Baxter and his Orchestra play the Soul Hits
11:40AM Jackson 5 “Darling Dear” from The Jackson 5 3rd Album
11:44AM Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All Stars “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” from Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All Stars
11:47AM The Sourtones “Completely Out of Tune” 45
11:49AM The Emperor “I am Normal” 45
11:50AM The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Dominica “Theme From the Monkees” from Chantmania
11:55AM Castaway Strings “Tutti Fruity” from Castaways Strings Play Elvis
11:56AM Pat Boone “Enter Sandman” from Heavy Metal

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