Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot as Hell Hangover 6/30/13

Rev Marc Time decides it is too warm to play hot music. Also some dedications to Bob Thompson, James Gandolfini, and Alan Myers.

10:03AM Simon And Garfunkel “Sparrow” from Wednesday Morning 5 AM (CD)

10:04AM Kings of Convenience “Gold In the Air of Summer” from Riot On An Empty Street (CD, Album, 2004) on Source UK

10:05AM Cambrian “SMALL TOWN” from Demo disc

10:08AM Simone White “Never Be That Tough” from Silver Silver (2012) on Honest Jon's Records

10:09AM Korla Pandit “Green Leaves of Summer” from Music of Hollywood

10:10AM Joni Mitchell “CALIFORNIA” from Blue (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Other, 2007, added 04/23/2010) on Rhino (, US)

10:20AM Judy Collins “Both Sides Now” from Wildflowers (1987) on Rhino/Elektra (, Los Angeles)

10:26AM Batdorf and Rodney “SUMMER OF LOVE” from Batdorf and Rodney

10:28AM Elton John “Saturday Sun” from DJM Demos

10:30AM Twiggy “Beautiful Dreams” from Britain's First Top Model (2008) on Future Noise Music Ltd.

10:31AM 101 Strings “Prairie Trails” from Western Themes - Volume 2 (2013) on RKO Music

10:32AM John Mayall “CALIFORNIA” from turnng point

10:45AM Vince Guaraldi Trio “Happiness Is” from A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Jazz, 1989) on Fantasy Records

10:46AM June Christy “One Note Samba” from The Best of June Christy

10:47AM Gal Costa “Inquietacao” from Aquarela Do Brasil (1980) on Universal Music International Ltda.

10:48AM Nara Leao “Diz Que Fui Por Ai” from Nara (1964) (1964) on Universal Music International Ltda.

10:54AM Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 “For What It'S Worth” from Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66: Play the Hits (Jazz, 2010) on Verve Records (Europe)

11:01AM Harry Nilsson “Just Wait Till the Summer Comes” from Message to Scott Turner

11:02AM Mongo Santamaria “Watermelon Man” from 45

11:06AM Sammy Timberg “It's A Hap Hap Happy Day” from Boop oop a Dooin

11:07AM Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks “I Asked My Doctor” from Last Train To Hicksville

11:09AM Hatfield and the North “Underdub” from The Rotters Club (CD, Album, Jazz) on Virgin (UK)

11:10AM Mose Allison “Your MInd Is On Vacation” from Pure Moses (CD, Album, Jazz, 1996) on 32 Records

11:14AM Jack Hammer “LIKE” from Rebellion

11:17AM The Three Suns “JUNGLE DRUMS” from Fun In the Sun / Movin' 'n' Groovin' (2012) on Marathon Media International Ltd.

11:19AM Gabor Szabo “SUMMERTIME” from Psychedelic Jazz

11:28AM James Gandolfini “A MAN WITHOUT LOVE” from OSt

11:28AM The Byrds “Everybody's Been Burned” from Mr. Tambourine Man - The Best Of (2004) on Sony Music Media

11:29AM Devo “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” from Duty Now for the Future / New Traditionalists (1993) on Virgin Records

11:33AM Bob Thompson “ON THE ROCKS” from On the Rocks (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1960) on RCA Victor (US)

11:37AM The GTOs “Circular Circulation” from Permanent Damage (CD, Album, Private)

11:37AM The Gentle Waves “Sisterwoman” from Swansong For You (2000) on Jeepster Recordings

11:39AM Geraldine and Ricky “The Liquor Store” from Geraldine and Ricky

11:40AM Piano Red “Mr. Moonlight” from 45

11:44AM Elton Britt “That's How The Yodel Was Born” from Yodel Songs (Vinyl, Album, Private, 2009) on Hallmark

11:45AM Perez Prado “Patricia” from patricia (Single)

11:47AM Al Bundy “Hmmm Hmmm Him” from Married With Children

11:47AM Arthur Alexander “Anna” from Anna

11:53AM Foxygen “SAN FRANCISCO” from We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (CD, Album, Private, 2012, added 02/23/2013) on Jagjaguwar (, Blacklabel, USA)

11:56AM Narco Corrido “Heisenberg” from Breaking Bad - Single

Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Days of Summer Hangover 6/23/13

Rev Marc pays tribute to our upcoming psychedelic summer, some departed TV and Music stars, and plays his favorite Neil Young tune.
Listen Here:
10:00AM The Monkees “Porpoise Song (Single Version)” from Head (CD, Comp, Private, 2001) on Rhino (, US)

10:00AM The Rutles “Major Happy's Up and Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band” from Archaeology (CD, Album, 1996) on virgin catolog

10:05AM The Cowsills “Love Theme from Haight Street” from Plus the Lincoln Park Zoo (2013) on Serenia Media

10:13AM Alabama 3 “Woke Up This Morning (From "The Sopranos")” from Woke Up This Morning (From "The Sopranos") - Single (2008) on ONE LITTLE INDIAN (UK)

10:13AM Frank Sinatra “Baubles Bangles And Beads” from Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim

10:17AM Cream “I Feel Free” from Fresh Cream (CD, Album, Private, 1966) on Polydor (USA)

10:19AM Dominic Chianese “Core 'Ngrato” from The Sopranos - Peppers & Eggs (Music from the HBO Original Series) (2001) on Columbia (,, Europe)

10:20AM The Jazz Crusaders “ELEANOR RIGBY” from Lighthouse '68 (Jazz, 2004) on Blue Note (, USA)

10:22AM Brian Wilson “Melt Away” from Brian Wilson

10:30AM Harry Nilsson “Everybody's Talkin' (From "Midnight Cowboy")” from OST Midnight Cowboy (CD, Album, Private)

10:31AM Cambrian “Small Town” from Demo disc

10:37AM The Box Tops “Trains and Boats and Planes” from Cry Like a Baby (Vinyl, Single, 1968) on Arista/Legacy

10:38AM John Coltrane “India” from IMPRESSIONS

10:38AM Todd Rundgren “Couldn't I Just Tell You” from Something/Anything? (Album, Private, 1972) on Bearsville (

10:44AM The Equals “BABY COME BACK” from Baby Come Back (2012) on Com-Es Musik Schallplatten GmbH

10:48AM Desmond Dekkar “Shing A Ling” from This Is Desmond Dekkar (2006) on Trojan (US)

10:51AM The Jimmy Castor Bunch “Winchester Cathedral” from Hey Leroy!

10:53AM Jose Gonzales “Tacos for Two” from 45

10:56AM The Young Holt Trio “Soulful Strut” from 45

10:58AM Slim Whitman “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” from ANTHOLOGY (2010) on Past Classics

11:05AM Chicago Transit Authority “Prologue(The Whole World is Watching)” from chicago transit authority

11:06AM Chicago Transit Authority “SOMEDAY (August 29 1968)” from chicago transit authority

11:09AM Illya Darling “Yorgo's Dance” from Original Broadway Cast

11:10AM Jeannie C. Riley “Harper Valley P. T. A.” from 45

11:14AM Blue Sandelwood Soap “Friends I Haven't Met Yet” from Loring Park Love-Ins (1970) on Escaleras Records

11:15AM Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra “Dream A Little Dream of Me” from The Uncollected Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra 1940-42 (Jazz, 1977) on Hindsight Records

11:23AM Gary Lewis and The Playboys “Count Me In Instrumental” from Golden Greats

11:23AM Perez Prado “Pachito E' Che” from The Best of Pérez Prado: The Original Mambo No. 5 (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on RCA (i, USA)

11:24AM Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love Drum Track” from Backing Track (CD, Comp, Private)

11:26AM Clear Light “MR. BLUE” from Clear Light (2004) on Rhino/Elektra (, Los Angeles)

11:32AM Les Baxter “Psychedelic Senate” from Wild in the Streets

11:37AM Röyksopp “Daddy's Groove” from Late Night Tales: Röyksopp (2013) on Late Night Tales

11:38AM Rushen, Patrice “Forget Me Nots 12" version” from 12"

11:41AM The Whispers “Keep On Lovin Me” from GREATEST HITS (1987) on Unidisc Music Inc.

11:50AM Det Moor Orchestra “Jazz Dramatic” from 45

11:50AM Neil Young “Sample and Hold” from Trans

11:53AM Bud the Weiser “So Long Farewell” from Sound of Music Remix

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day/Mood Area 52 Hangover 6/16/13

Rev Marc celebrates Fathers Day by calling his Dad on the air . Side B features a live performance by Eugene Alt/Tango band Mood Area 52.
Listen Here:

10:02AM The Winstons “Color Him Father” from Color Him Father (Original Masters) (2011) onFLG/R.L. Spencer
10:04AM Bill Gunther "Interview with My Dad" Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover
10:08AM Oscar Brown Jr. “DAT DERE” from Sin and Soul (Jazz, 2011) on Marathon Media International Ltd.
10:09AM Shep and the Limelites “DADDY'S HOME” from Soul Power (Remastered) (2011) onBlackbird
10:12AM Otis Blackwell & His Band “Daddy Rollin Stone” from Golden Decade - Music of My Life, Vol. 15 (2008) on Golden Decade
10:22AM The Temptations “Papa Was a Rollin' Stone (Stereo) [Single Version]” from Emperors of Soul (Box Set) (1994) on Motown (USA)
10:25AM Spencer Davis Group “I'M A MAN” from All The Hits Plus More (2010) on P.E.R Records
10:26AM The Who “Daddy Rolling Stone” from Single
10:28AM Ramsey Lewis “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” from Goin Latin
10:32AM Madonna “Papa Don'T Preach” from true blue (Album) on Sire (USA)
10:33AM Nina Simone “MY FATHER” from My Father (Single)
10:39AM Elton John “Levon” from Madman Across The Water (CD, Album, Private, 1971) onRocket (US)
10:44AM Ramsey Lewis Trio “WADE IN the WATER” from The Greatest Hits Of Ramsey Lewis(Jazz, 1973) on Verve Records (Europe)
10:44AM Johnny Cash “What Is Truth?” from Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits (1987) on Columbia(,, Europe)
10:51AM Victor Lundberg “An Open Letter To My Teenage Son” from An Open Letter to my Teenage Son
10:53AM The Beach Boys “I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man” from Today!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (Laptop, Album, Private, 1990) on Capitol Catalog (US)
10:55AM James Brown “Papa Don't Take No Mess (Part I)” from The Singles Vol. 9 (1973-1975)(2010) on Hip-O Select/Universal
11:03AM The Four Seasons “WALK LIKE a MAN” from Walk Like a Man (Other, Single, Private, 1964) on Oldies 45
11:05AM Mood Area 52 “Abuelo Ivey or Lady Golf?” from Companytown (added 06/16/2013) Local
11:08AM Mood Area 52 “Benjamin's Daughter” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover(Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local, New
11:11AM Mood Area 52 “Airship” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover (Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time
11:13AM Mood Area 52 "Steakhouse Rag" from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover (,, USA) Local, New
11:14AM Mood Area 52 “Settle Your Daddy's Score” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover(Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local
11:17AM Mood Area 52 “The Seven Steps” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover (Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local, New
11:20AM Mood Area 52 “To Ostatnia Niedziela” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover(Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local, New
11:23AM Mood Area 52 “Twisted Heart” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover (Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local, New
11:26AM Mood Area 52 “Rajasthani Truck Race” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover(Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local
11:29AM Mood Area 52 “St. James Infirmary Blues” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover(Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local, New
11:32AM Mood Area 52 “I Found a Rose in the Devil's Garden” from Live on the Sunday Morning Hangover (Other, Other, Local, added 07/25/2010) on Marc Time (,, USA) Local
11:35AM Mood Area 52 “The Land We Live In” from Companytown (added 06/16/2013) Local, New, Request
11:38AM Mood Area 52 “Benjamin's Daughter” from Companytown (added 06/16/2013) Local, New

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Summer Sunday Hangover 6/9/13

Rev Marc celebrates a sunny sunday morning with some songs.
Listen Here:
10:04AM The Sunshine Company “It's Sunday” from The Sunshine Company
10:05AM The Archies “SUNSHINE” from GREATEST HITS (2013) on Ling Music Group
10:15AM Liberace “CARIOCA” from Liberace Plays & Sings (2010) on MD Music Company
10:09AM The Cowsills “Gray, Sunny Day” from The Best of the Cowsills (CD, Album, Private, 1988) on BUDGET (AM)
10:15AM Caravan “Golf Girl” from In the Land of Grey and Pink (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on Decca Music Group Ltd.
10:21AM Mungo Jerry “IN THE SUMMERTIME” from In the Summertime - Greatest Hits (2008) on Pop Music
10:21AM Sade “PARADISE” from The Best of Sade (1994) on Epic (USA)
10:27AM Röyksopp “MalangenFra Bruhodet” from Track of the Month (Rotation, Comp, Private, 2010, added 11/24/2010)
10:33AM The Hi-Lo s “Desafinado” from Happen to Bossa Nova
10:33AM Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 “Casa Forte” from Fool On The Hill (1968) on Verve Records (Europe)
10:38AM Frank Sinatra “Aqua de Beber” from Sinatra and Company
10:38AM Walter Wanderly “Taste of Sadness (Cheiro de Saudades)” from Rain Forest
10:43AM The Orchids “Newly Wed” from American Doo Wop Greatest Hits (2010) on Classic Music International
10:43AM The Jaguars “THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT” from American Doo Wop Greatest Hits (2010) on Classic Music International
10:44AM The Platters “(You've Got) That Majic Touch” from Oldies But Goodies Valentine's Day (2013) on Hyde Park Records
10:48AM The Coasters “ZING WENT THE STRINGS OF MY HEART” from Coast to Coast: The Very Best of the Coasters (2012) on Black Cat Productions
10:51AM Money Mark & The Woody Jackson Orchestra “LOVE'S THEME” from Guilt By Association (Bonus Track Version) (2007) on Engine Room
10:58AM Blood Sweat and Tears “Without Her” from Child Is Father To the Man (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1968) onColumbia (,, Europe)
10:58AM Harry Nilsson “EARLY IN THE MORNING” from Nilsson Schmilsson (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1971) on RCA(i, USA)
10:59AM The Peddlers “EBB TIDE” from How Cool Is Cool (2002) on Columbia (,, Europe)
11:04AM The Beach Boys “Honkin Down the Highway” from Love You (Vinyl, Album, Private, 2006) on Shout Factory
11:04AM Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass “Green Peppers” from Whipped Cream and Other Delights (Vinyl, Album, Private, 2006) on Shout Factory
11:07AM Joseph Arthur “CHEMICAL” from Come to Where I'm From (2007) on Real World Records
11:09AM Curt Boetcher “Malachi Star” from There's an Innocent Face
11:14AM The Rutles “Doubleback Alley” from The Rutles (CD, Album, Private, 1978) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)
11:17AM The Free Design “2002 - A Hit Song” from The Free Design Redesigned
11:18AM The Lines “Cool Snap” from Memory Span
11:24AM Captain Sensible “Revolution Now!” from Revolution Now! 12"
11:29AM Can “I Want More!” from Flow Motion (CD, 1976)
11:30AM Sandy Nelson “Jive Talk” from Heavy Drums
11:31AM The Modern Lovers “The New Teller” from Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection (2004) on UMC (US)
11:34AM The Cars “Shake It Up” from 45
11:36AM Gary Lewis and The Playboys “Count Me In” from Golden Greats
11:37AM Ramsey Lewis Trio "Wade in the Water" from Best
11:38AM Dwight Twilley Band "England" from Sincerely
11:40AM The Zombies "I Want You Back Again" from 45
11:50AM Paul Revere and the Raiders "Steppin Out" from 45
11:54AM Gary Lewis and The Playboys “Count Me In” from Golden Greats
11:55AM Adam and the Ants "Antmusic" 45
11:56AM Allen Sherman The Drinking Man's Diet"

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Early 1970 45's Hangover 6/2/13

Rev Marc plays promo radio station 45's dated stamped from early 1970.On side B he mixes it up.
Listen Here:
10:01AM Osamu Minagawa “探戈小黑貓 (Tango Black Cat)” from 45
10:07AM Rita Raines “Ol' Devil Moon” from Intermezzo (Expanded Edition)
10:10AM Judy and the Gaylettes “It Must Be HIm” from It Must Be Him - Single
10:12AM Les Baxter “La La La” from Les Baxter (Jazz, 2011) on Vintage Music
10:17AM Les Baxter “Girl on a Boulevard” from 45
10:19AM The Allman Brothers “Black Hearted Woman” from 45
10:19AM Love Sculpture “In the Land of the Few” from 45
10:22AM Gas and the Funk Factory “Everybody Get Some” from 45
10:23AM Joe Arnold “More Today Than Yesterday” from 45
10:26AM Mountain “Mississippi Queen” from 45
10:32AM Van Der Graf Generator “Afterward” from 45
10:36AM Al Delory “Wasn't Born to Follow” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)
10:37AM Jimmy Smith “The Organ Grinder's Swing” from 45
10:39AM Ted Taylor “The Loving Physician” from 45
10:45AM Simtec Simmons “Laying It Down Part 1” from 45
10:47AM Bobby Young “Love's Got a Hole in the Middle” from 45
10:48AM Andre Williams “The Stroke” from 45
10:52AM The Bar-Kays “Sang and Dance” from 45
10:54AM Cannonball Adderley Quintet “Hummin'” from 45
10:55AM Ronnie Hawkins “Down In The Alley” from 45
11:07AM Billy The Kid Emerson “Whip Parts 1 and 2” from 45
11:14AM Ramsey Lewis Trio “A Hard Day'S Night” from The Greatest Hits Of Ramsey Lewis (Jazz, 1973) on Verve Records (Europe)
11:15AM Jack Jones “Linda” from L.A. Breakdown
11:15AM Eno “Taking Tiger Mountain” from Taking Tiger Mountain - By Strategy
11:16AM The Talking Heads “Road To Nowhere” from 45
11:18AM Dave Brubeck Quartet “Someday My Prince Will Come” from Dave Digs Disney
11:20AM Nora Dean “Angie La La” from Dom Thomas Presents Dreams of San Antonio (2011) on Brutal Music
11:27AM Christina Rojas “Podra Yo Bailer” from OST Mi Bella Dama
11:31AM Audio Dynamics Corporation “Dynamic Bowling Side 1” from 7 Days to Better Bowling
11:32AM The Lines “Cool Snap!” from 45
11:34AM James Ingram “Yah Mo Be There” from 45
11:39AM Gus Pearson “Summer Samba” from In Person
11:46AM Ekseption “The 5Th” from Ekseption (1969) on Universal Music B.V.
11:49AM Ken Poure “Side 1” from Christian Living In A Cruddy World
11:51AM The Ozzie Nelson Orchestra “Dream A Little Dream of Me” from 78
11:52AM William Lava “Republic Anthem” from Music of Republic
11:53AM JO Neilson Ross “Airfield attack” from Voices of the Fleet
11:55AM Anonymous “Snake Attack” from 45
11:56AM Hannah Vandagrift “Jellyfish Currents” from Village Vinyl Vol 1