Sunday, August 18, 2013

Music to Can Your Peaches Hangover 8/18/13
Rev Marc plays a flight of fancy set to can your peaches .

10:00AM Crash Test Dummies “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” from God Shuffled His Feet (Digital Single, Private, 1993) on Arista (Los Angeles)

10:04AM Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow” from Hi How Are You (Rotation, Album, Private, 1983)

10:05AM Pam Zeitlen and Marcia Berman “The Angry Song” from Sing!

10:08AM The MGM Strings “The Little Girl I Once Knew” from Under the Covers at Hawthorne High Vol 2

10:11AM Robert Wyatt “Shipbulding” from Greatest Misses (CD, Album, Private)

10:17AM Walter Hawkins “Voice Throwing Blues” from Voice Throwing Blues (Single)

10:22AM Richard Schneider Jr. “Hello Beach Girls” from Late Night Tales: R√∂yksopp (2013) on Late Night Tales

10:23AM Valjean “Bird Mash” from Bird Mash

10:23AM Kim Weston “ELEANOR RIGBY” from The Very Best of Kim Weston (2008) on Motorcity Records / EMG

10:29AM The Spinners “I'Ll Be Around” from Rhino Hi-Five: The Spinners - EP (2005) on Rhino Atlantic (US)

10:34AM Rushen, Patrice “Forget Me Nots 12" version” from 12"

10:39AM Roland Alphonso “El Pussy Cat Ska” from Essential Ska Masters (Reggae, 2009) on Goldenlane Records

10:40AM Neil Diamond “Cherry Cherry” from Greatest Hits

10:45AM Marvin Ray “We Miss You Red Sovine” from 45

10:45AM Red Sovine “Don’t Let My Glass Run Dry” from There Stands the Glass (2008) on Gusto Records

10:48AM Honey Vizer “Message (Ex Boyfriend)” from Live at the Safari Room

10:50AM Eddy Heywood “Soft Summer Breeze” from Hit Parade 1956, Vol. 2 (2012) on JB Production

10:56AM Bob Dorough Quartet “Devil May Care” from Lp

10:56AM Mose Allison “I'm Smashed” from Mose Allison Sings (CD, Album, Jazz, 2006) on Concord

11:01AM Georgie Fame “Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde” from Georgie Fame & The Birthday Big Band (Jazz, 2004) on Three Line Whip

11:03AM Como Carousel “It's Not Unusual” from (Found Sounds) (Cassette, Other, Private)

11:08AM Melanie “Brand New Key” from Beautiful People: The Greatest Hits of Melanie (1999) on Buddha Records

11:09AM T.C. Jones “Champagne Cocktails” from The Otherside LP - EP

11:09AM Jim Backus & Friend “Delicious!” from Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (1958)

11:12AM Love Sculpture “Sabre Dance” from 45

11:16AM Living Strings “I'm Not Your Stepping Stone” from Living Strings Play the Music of the Monkees (2012) on Marathon Media International Ltd.

11:17AM Shango “DAY AFTER DAY” from Shango

11:24AM Eddie Paul “Have You Thought About Freedom Lately?” from 45

11:25AM Esther Rollie “Maybe Its...” from 45

11:27AM Johnny and the Hurricanes “Reveille Rock” from Best of Johnny and the Hurricanes (2010) on Johnny & The Hurricanes, Inc.

11:31AM Bruce Haack/Miss Nelson “Soul Transportation” from Best of Bruce Haack

11:32AM Gary Numan “Cars ( Original Single)” from The Best Of Gary Numan 1978-1983 (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1993) on Beggars Banquet (USA)

11:35AM Falco “Der Kommissar” from Falco: The Ultimate Collection (2009) on Ariola

11:40AM The Firesign Theater “Shoes for Industry” from Shoes for Industry (Single)

11:48AM Friend and Lover “Reach Out Of The Darkness” from Mad Men

11:49AM Lincoln Chase “Woo Sfftt OOSfft aah!” from 45

11:51AM Angry Dairy Mart Shopper “Milk down my Pants” from (Found Sounds)

11:52AM US Air Force “Air Force USA” from WFMU

11:58AM Al Hirt “Java” from 50 Great Hits (Jazz, 2009) on K-Tel

11:58AM Dillinger “Cocaine In My Brain” from Cocaine In My Brain - The Anthology (2004) on Trojan (US)

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