Sunday, July 10, 2016

Juvenile Hangover

After a heavy and violent news week, Marc plays songs for the young at heart.
Listen HERE:

10:02AM Paul Winchell “Theme to The Winchell/Mahoney Show” from TV Themes (CD, Comp, Other)

10:06AM Nilsson “The Town/Me and my Arrow” from The Point

10:07AM Patience and Prudence “A Smile and a Ribbon in my Hair” from Patience and Prudence

10:18AM Danny Elfman “Pee Wee's Big Adventure/Main Title” from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

10:19AM The Beach Boys “Mt. Vernon and Fairway” from Holland (Laptop, Album, Private, 1973) on Reprise Records (, USA)

10:25AM Les Baxter “Quiet Village” from Easy Listening Legend (2011) on X5 Music Group

10:25AM Little Marcy “It's a Sleepy World” from Little Marcy Meets Smokey the Bear

10:34AM Songs About Science “Bobo the Bear” from More Nature Songs (From "Ballads for the Age of Science")

10:37AM Captain Kangaroo “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” from Captain Kangaroo Sings

10:40AM TV Theme “Lassie” from TV's Greatest Hits, Volume 1

10:42AM The Story of Bambi “Bambi” from Bambi Sdtrk

10:44AM The Free Design “My Brother Woody” from Kites Are Fun (2008) on Light In the Attic (USA)

10:45AM Satie “Gymnopaedie (Satie)” from Classical Bliss

10:46AM Al "Jazzbo" Collins “Goldilocks” from Fairy Tales for Hip Kids (Jazz) on El Records (UK)

10:49AM Ed McMahon “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” from You And The Night And The Music

10:55AM Mr. Rogers “Nice” from Josephine the Short Neck Graffe

10:57AM Yogi Bear “Cindy Bear” from Yogi Bear (1958-1959) (2007) on ™© Hanna-Barbera

10:58AM The Nutty Squirrels “Nutty” from Uh! Oh! Part 2 on GAMC

11:01AM Lol Coxhill “I Am the Walrus - Single (In the Style of the Beatles) [Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals]” from I Am the Walrus - Single (In the Style of the Beatles) [Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals]

11:04AM Sammy Davis Jr. “Candy Man” from Mr. Bojangles (Single)

11:06AM Frank Sinatra Jr. “The Gumby Heart Song (Original TV Theme)” from Gumby

11:14AM William Shatner “what is a BOZO?” from What Is a Bozo? (CD, Album, Private)

11:18AM The Muppets “Sam the Eagle on Nudity” from The Muppets 2 on Walt Disney Records

11:18AM The Cowsills “The Rain, The Park & Other Things” from The Best of the Cowsills (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1988) on BUDGET (AM)

11:22AM Willey Ley “A Child's Introduction to Outer Space, Pt. 1” from A Child's Introduction to Outer Space

11:23AM Bobby and Betty Go To the Moon “Rocket Launch” from Bobby and Betty Go To the Moon

11:23AM Bruce Haack “Soul Transportation” from Greatest Hits

11:34AM Classic Moog “aria” from Moog Rock - Greatest Classical Hits

11:35AM The Cookie Monster “The Monster in the Mirror” from Lost in Wonderland

11:37AM Thurl Ravenscroft “Kitty Cats on Parade” from Thurl

11:37AM Bugs Bunny & Friends “What's Opera Doc?” from Bugs Bunny & Friends

11:41AM The Barkers “We can work it out” from Barking on the Beatles on Essential Media Group (USA)

11:46AM Pee Wee Herman “Theme Song” from Pee Wee's Playhouse

11:47AM The Archies “Sugar Sugar (Original Recording)” from 1960s Happy Days (2003)

11:49AM Neil Hefti “Holy Hole in the Doughnut” from Batman TV Soundtrack

11:52AM Betty Boop “Right Here at Granpy's House” from Marc Time Collection

11:54AM Popeye “Help Help I've Had a Hamburger Dream” from Popeye

11:57AM The Flintstones “Theme” from Theme Song

11:58AM Ren and Stimpy “Happy happy Joy Joy” from Ren and Stimpy

11:59AM PowerPuff Girls "PowerPuff Girls"

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