Sunday, September 25, 2016

Melancholy Fall Hangover

After a bad week of hard work, illness, family problems and the death of a friend, Marc emotes on the air
10:01AM The Handsome Family “Sunday morning coming down” from Smothered and Covered on Handsome Family Music

10:04AM Caroline Carter “Ballad of Possibilities” from Dream Babes Volume 5 (CD, Comp, Private)

10:05AM Halie Loren “autumn leaves” from THEY OUGHTA WRITE A SONG (青い影) (Jazz, 2008) on Victor

10:11AM Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)” from Twin Peaks (Original Soundtrack) (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1989) on Warner Bros. (USA)

10:12AM Les Crane “Desiderata (With Intro / prologue)” from Desiderata (2006) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)

10:27AM Peggy Lee “Is That All There Is ?” from Is That All There Is ? (Vinyl) on Capitol (Blacklabel, US)

10:27AM Nick Drake “Way to Blue” from Five Leaves Left (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1968) on Island

10:31AM Vince Guaraldi “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” from The Definitive Vince Guaraldi (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Concord

10:31AM Anna Ternheim “Today is a Good Day” from Halfway to Fivepoints (2008) on Stockholm Records

10:38AM The Four Freshman “it's a Blue World” from Voices In Love (Vinyl, Album, Jazz)

10:38AM Nilsson “Think About Your Troubles” from The Point

10:42AM The Beach Boys “Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W Woodpecker Symphony)” from Smiley Smile (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1967) on Capitol Catalog (US)

10:43AM Neil Young “harvest moon” from Harvest Moon (CD, Album, 2007) on Reprise

10:50AM Rod Stewart “Mandolin Wind” from Every Picture Tells a Story (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1971) on Mercury (, USA)

10:53AM Brian Eno “By This River” from Before and after Science (Vinyl, Album, 1977) on Island

11:01AM Johnny Mathis “Wild is the Wind” from Johnny Mathis (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1996) on Columbia (Europe)

11:02AM Mose Allison Trio “Dinner on the Ground” from Down Home Piano

11:07AM The Moody Blues “question” from A Question of Balance on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Canada)

11:09AM Vaughn Monroe “They Call the Wind Maria” from They Call the Wind Maria - Single

11:09AM XTC “Harvest Festival” from Apple Venus Volume 1 (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private) on Ape House Ltd.

11:13AM Lord Sitar “Daydream believer” from Ultra-Lounge: On the Rocks, Pt. 1

11:14AM The Kinks “Autumn Almanac” from The Kink Kronikles (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Reprise

11:25AM The Monkees “Me and Magdalena” from Good Times! (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 2016) on Rhino (, US)

11:27AM The Flaming Lips “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate” from The Soft Bulletin (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on Warner Bros. (USA)

11:30AM HENRY MANCINI “Breakfast at Tiffany's” from Breakfast At Tiffany's (Vinyl, Album)

11:41AM Nashville Teens “tobacco road” from Nashville Teens - The Best Of (2008) on CAROLINE WORLD SERVICE CATALOG

11:41AM Billy Joe Royal “Down in the Boondocks” from American Legend: Billy Joe Royal (2008) on American Legends

11:43AM The Fortunes “Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again” from Best of the Fortunes on Great American Music Company/F2K

11:43AM Mose Allison Trio “carnival” from Mose Allison Trio: The - I Love the Life I Live (Vinyl, Jazz) on Universe

11:43AM Roxy Music “Bitters End” from Roxy Music (CD, Album, Private, 1972) on Virgin UK (UK)

11:44AM The Rolling Stones “On with the show” from Their Satanic Majesties Request (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1967) on Abkco

11:48AM The Mothers of Invention “America Drinks and Goes Home” from Absolutely Free (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1967) on Verve

11:53AM Casey Kasim “Letter From Elena” from 45

11:57AM Becky Lee Beck “I Want a Beatle for Christmas” from 45

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