Sunday, October 08, 2017

Muzak Hangover

After a bloody and depressing week the Rev lightens things up.
Listen HERE:

10:03AM King Palmer “The City Awakes” from Social Life (CD)

10:06AM Jack Dieval “A Coeur Valse” from Cocktail Club (CD)

10:09AM Harold Geller “Bell Note Lullaby” from Showtime

10:12AM Ernst-August Quelle “Bossa for Two” from Retro Kitsch

10:15AM Piero Piccioni “Chic to Chic” from Italian Comedy 60's and 70's

10:18AM Christian Mondstein “Clique Chic” from High Society

10:14AM Cardello/Boehm “Silly Putty” from Cocktail Lounge

10:21AM Ronald Binge “Oregon Trail” from Light Activity: Music to Wash Dishes By (Jazz) o

10:24AM Franco Micalizzi “Easy Breezy” from Cocktail Lounge

10:24AM Ray Davies “Front Desk” from Best of Elevator Muzak

10:26AM Giorgio Fabor “Mr Smooth” from Retro Advertising

10:27AM Jack Dieval “Les Jaedins De Cannes” from Cocktail Club (CD)

10:29AM John Cacavas “Tinsel Town” from Carlin 290

10:36AM Heinz Kiessling “Maraschino Moon” from Cocktail Lounge

10:40AM Gunth Peth “Martini Bikini” from Cocktail Lounge

10:40AM Heinz Kiessling “Meeting at Tivoli” from Cocktail Lounge

10:42AM John Cacavas “Spring Caprice” from Retro 1950's

10:43AM Walter Collins “Strings in the Mood” from Best of Elevator Muzak (CD)

10:44AM Werner Tautz “Tarte Maison” from Shopping Spree! (CD)

10:49AM Roger Roger “Tiptoe Fiddle” from Roger Roger joue Charles Trenet (Mono Version) on BNF Collection

10:51AM Peter Dennis “Treble Dance” from Everyday Events

10:51AM Nino Nardini “tropical” from Nino Nardini and the Pop Riviera Group

10:52AM Benny Sky “What's your Poison?” from Best of Elevator Muzak

10:53AM Vlastimil Hala “When the Lights go Down” from retro Kitsch

10:53AM Dick Doerscruck “Where the Girls Are” from Happy Hearts

11:07AM Joerg Anders “Nouvelle Riches” from At the Movies

11:09AM Jack Dieval “Bal Des Debs” from Best of Elevator Muzak

11:10AM Harold Geller “Una momento” from Country Villages on Soho / APM Music

11:11AM Harold Kiessling “Blue Blood” from High Society

11:13AM Gianna Ferrio “Welcome to the Lounge” from Chillout Lounge, Vol. 1

11:14AM Jack Beaver “Cheerful Chatter” from Everyday Events

11:16AM Mario Migliardi “Breezy lovers” from Italian 70's Cinema & TV Classics (The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection) on Believe

11:18AM Laurie Johnson “Paris Honeymoon” from Music for TV Dinners

11:22AM Heinz Kiessling “Cote D'Azure” from Best of Elevator Muzak

11:24AM Armando Troviali “Fidget To the Beat” from Italian Comedy 60's

11:25AM Ray Davies “Parkside Amble” from Production Library Music

11:26AM Edward White “Elusive Lady” from The 50s - Background Music Vol. 1 on Rosenklang

11:32AM Gert Wilden “Happy Flutes” from Retro Kitsch

11:33AM Cyril Watters “Piccadilly Spree” from Light Activity: Music to Wash Dishes By (Jazz) on Soho / APM Music

11:36AM Cyril Watters “Escapade” from The 50s - Background Music Vol. 2 on Rosenklang

11:40AM Cecil Armstrong Gibbs “Hurly Burly” from Archive Collection Vol 1

11:41AM John Cacavas “Pick and Pluck” from Famous Hits by John Cacavas on Jazz Elite S.P.

11:45AM Len Stevens “Springtime for Lovers” from Urban City Life on Soho / APM Music

11:48AM Werner Tauz “Prissy Pussy” from Cocktail Lounge

11:50AM Dick Walter “Summertime Outing” from The Editor's Companion, Vol. Four on KPM 1000 LP Series

11:51AM Syd Dale “Romantic nights” from The Sounds of Syd Dale (Jazz) on KPM MUSIC LTD/JUICE MUSIC (UK) LTD

11:55AM Robert Sharples “This Way Out” from Production Music

11:56AM Jack Dieval “Reve Pour Une Image” from Bal du réveillon, no. 2 (Mono Version) on BNF Collection

11:58AM John Malcolm “Non Stop” from Elevator Music

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