Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Crazy Dreams

This one just woke me up.The radio station studio where I work was located in a huge abandoned cafeteria.I was doing my program the Hangover when some guards came in and said they would be passing through with about 30 inmates.Some of them were crazy.As they walked by I said"the next song is for you" and played Archie Bell and the Drells "Tighten Up."
After a while I noticed that the inmates had stayed in the cafeteria-the guards were nowhere to be found. The crazy ones came over and started to bug me during my show.Eventually they started to take the records off the turntables and play their own.
I fled because they were starting to threaten me-I encountered our chief engineer who was about 100 years old and told him I had to leave.He slowly made his way to the studio but wouldn't go on the air.Now there was dead air.I knew I was in trouble for leaving the air.
I woke up.
The night before this I dreamed that Beck was doing a worldwide simulcast broadcast on MTV viewed by millions.He had no band,just himself with programmed synths,drum machines and guitars.He was playing live in an auditorium and I was there next to the stage.I heard my cell phone go off over where my jacket was,so as I strolled over to get it I tripped over a power chord and shut the power down.
Beck went ballistic,swearing and jumping up and down on world wide TV demanding to know who the asshole was that ruined his show.His tirade lasted for minutes.He didn't know it was me,so I crawled off to hide under a table.The press saw the whole thing and came over to me to ask me what happened
I then became famous for 15 minutes as the Klutz that ruined the Beck concert.

Update:If you want to hear what Beck sounded like in my dream go HERE

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