Sunday, November 29, 2009

Idiotically I Still Miss You Hangover 11/29/09

Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek
Imogen Heap- Swoon
Anne Drummond-Frevo
Kate Havnevik-Halo
Fleetwood Mac-Thoughts on a Grey Day
Anna Ternheim-Shoreline
Claudine Longet-Think of Rain
Simone White-The Beep Beep Song
Waitiki-Mood Indigo
Nick Drake-Northern Sky
Page France-Windy Days
Cotton Jones-Don't Got a Lotta Time
Goldfrapp-Lovely Head(instru) Miss World Mix
Yard Sale-Smile
Jenn Grant-You'll Go Far
Francis Lai-Snow Frolic from Love Story
XTC-Dear God
Dawn Landes-Lifeline(Nilsson)
Mood Area 52-Andatino Canzona
Scala Children's Chorus-Bittersweet Symphony
Bebel Gilberto-Forever
Honey Vizer-Idiotically I Still Miss You
William Shatner/Aimee Mann-That's Me Trying
Spanky and Our Gang-Lazy Day
Asobi Seksu-Thursday
Weezer-I Don't Want to Let You Go
Busters All Stars-Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Voicedude-Imagine Yourself a Merry Christmas
Mr. Peabody and Poindexter-Ponce de Leon
Andre Williams-Please Pass the Biscuits
Billy Clark -Hot Gravy
Mood Area 52-Mean Girls
Bonzo Dog Band-Mr. Apollo(german)
Leo deLyon-Sick Manny's Gym
Lorne Greene-The Man

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