Sunday, November 01, 2009

Too Much Candy Hangover 11/01/09

Isaac Hayes- Walk on By (LP version)
Mr. (Fred) Rogers-Good Morning
Ed Sullivan-Interview with Steppenwolf
The Fugs-I Couldn’t Get High
Soupy Sales-Pachalafaka
The Musical Betts-I’d Rather Have Jesus
Andy (Thunderclap) Newman-Water Music
Big Fella- Mr. Blue Sky
Edwin Hawkins Singers-Oh Happy Day
Artie Shaw-How Dry I Am
Pioneers-Rivers of Babylon
Laugh-In-Cocktail Party
The Rockbusters-Tough Chick
Julee Cruise-Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
Harry Nilsson w/Ken Nordine) –You’re Breaking My Heart, You Tear It Apart so (Forget) You
Monkees-Pleasant Valley Sunday (backing track)
Gomer Pyle-Gomer Says Hey
Live Phone Interview with New Zealander Craig Lev
Mike DirRubbo-The Duke
Jimmy Soul-If You Wana Be Happy
Mickey and Sylvia- Mommy Out de Light
Brian Bromberg-Excuse Me
Hall and Oates-One on One
Frank O’Hara –(Dust) Poem from Meditations in an Emergency
Roy Orbison-In Dreams
Les Baxter and Muzzy Marcellino-Theme to Lassie
Lorne Greene-End of Track
Susan Christie-Yesterday Where is My Mind?
Firesign Theatre-Adventures of Porgy Tirebiter
Louie Prima Barnacle Bill the Sailor
Irving Aaronson and His Commanders-Waffles
Ken Nordine-Flesh
Nashville Teens-Tobacco Road
Al Green-Here I Am (Come and Take Me)

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