Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Playlist for the Sunday Morning Hangover 2/14.10

Side 1-Twisted Love

Randy Newman-Suzanne
101 Strings-This Guy’s In Love With You
Mantovani-Begin the Beguine
Anonymous found tape-some guy singing over a sax record of “Blue Velvet”
Dean Milano-Do It Like A Dog
Lionel Davis-Candy Pants
Julie London-Yummy Yummy Yummy
Johnny Mann Singers-Heart Full of Soul
TV Theme-The Love Boat
Chakachas-Jungle Fever
James from “Twin Peaks”- You and I
Roxy Music-In Every Dream Home a Heartache
John Barry-Theme to Midnight Cowboy
Dolly Parton-I Will Always Love you (excerpt)
Ed Sanders-Yodeling Robot (in Love with Dolly Parton)
Bonzo Dog Band-Kama Sutra
Leroy Anderson-The Typewriter
Mickey and Sylvia-Mommy Out de Light
Ed McMahon-Thank Heaven for Little Girls
OST –Gigi
Hurricane Smith-Oh Babe What Would You Say?

Side 2-True Margrit visits the Hangover

True Margrit-Connect the Dots (CD)
True (CD)
Superhero Drugs (Live)
All the Atoms Strung Together (CD)
Everything (Live)
Opposite Man (CD)
Blazing Wheel (Live)
Juggler’s Progress (CD)
Charms of Hope (Live)
Syllable (CD)
Best Spam Ever (Live)
Emily (CD)

True Margrit picture by Mr Random

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