Friday, December 05, 2008


I come from a background of Roman Catholic rules and guilt-so much of organized religion does not focus on the here and now,but more on what happens after you die.

Although I believe that some cosmic force or forces created us,and there may be a great super invisible force behind life, I prefer the concept of free will-does God determine what I do in my life? Should he or she or it judge my actions?

I prefer a world where we focus on the NOW and not the HEREAFTER....a world free from judging others by our standards,not a black and white world where my religion is better than yours.I believe that many need religion,and religious values and thought. Just don't tell me how to live my life.

And I won't judge you for your religious beliefs.If you want to say prayers to a bearded old man in the sky or believe in the mythological Jesus,that's fine .

I think despite all of these heathen and heretical thoughts I am a spiritual person. Forget about my recent "sins" or misdeeds.I am a non-violent individual who tries to bring smiles and cheer into a sombre world,be it in my demeanor,actions,or my sometimes entertaining radio program.

I could always do better...I have a ways to go.

But I prefer to see how my life plays out and deal with the afterlife when I get there.

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JMK said...

Hear Here!