Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist For December 28,2008:

Ernest Ashworth-The DJ Cried
Chris Connor-I Miss You So
Regina Spektor-Samson
Don Shirley-When Your Lover Has Gone
Margo Guryan-Under My Umbrella
Yard Sale-Smile
Pretenders-I Go To Sleep
Anna Ternheim-That’s Life
Frank and Nancy Sinatra-Feelin’ Kinda Sunday
Frank Sinatra-Angel Eyes
Korla Pandit-Never on Sunday
Sandpipers-The Wonder of You
Johnny Hartman-The Day the World Stopped Turning
The Critters-Mr. Dieingly Sad
Eddie Baxter-That’s All
George Carlin-Religion
Isaac Hayes-Shaft
Bo Diddley-Mumblin’ Guitar
Yma Sumac-Xtabay
Hurricane Smith-Oh Babe What Would You Say?
Eartha Kitt-All by Myself
Gary Schyman-Praan
Prince-Crimson and Clover
Hall and Oates –One on One
Korla Pandit-Smile
Doors-Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor
Claudine Longet-The End Of The World
The Who-Our Love Was, Is
Tom Jones –Sugar Sugar
Archies-Jingle Jangle
Tony Mottola and the Free Design-Going Out Of My Head
Steve Lawrence-Go Away Little Girl
Alexys-The Evolution of Alexys
Billie Joe Royal-Down in the Boondocks
The Cowsills-We Can Fly
Eddie Rambeau-The Concrete and the Clay
Coasters-Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
Evie Sands-I Can’t Let Go

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The Sunday Morning Hangover said...

from Listener Paul:
The Illustrious Reverend,
'I Go to Sleep' was written when Ray was still a teenager. Not that
that's such a hot fact. Phil Spector was something like 15 when he
wrote his only great song - 'To Know Him is to Love Him.' Chrissie
Hynde's version is probably as good as Ray's original. Maybe better?
Both her versions of it, as you pointed out.

Also, 'Stop Your Sobbing.' Luv dat numba! Except Ray's original of it
is the better. Chrissie couldn't top it. Came close!

Chrissie and Ray had their steaming year together, and produced a
daughter. I know nothing about what Chrissie is doing these days. Do

Nice show, so far. ~Paul Rey.