Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eugene Record Convention Interview!

This Sunday February 1, I will be sitting round stax of vinyl with Bill Finneran organizer of the 21st Annual Eugene Record Convention at the Eugene Hilton on Feb.8Th. I will be asking Bill about vinyl, how he started all of this, his EBay biz and collecting records.In between I will be playing songs about records, jukeboxes, and phonographs.
Tune in this Sunday at 10 AM if you love vinyl to The Sunday Morning Hangover on KWVA 88.1 Eugene streaming at
Here is some press about this event from years past:
Daily Emerald
Blood on the Saddle
Eugene Weekly
Register Guard
Serena's RG story Last Year
I will have a table of cheap records at the convention so please come by , say Hi ,and buy some of my records.
But most of all listen to the program on Sunday Morning!Call us at 541-346-0645!
This program is now available on the archives HERE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreams and Parallel Worlds

Yes they do exist. We have our real world, the mundane, day to day realities of work, survival . Things usually don’t change very much, or they change at a slow pace. Life is usually very logical point A to point B sort of stuff, most of the drama occurs in our heads.
Then there is the other world. The world of dreams, desires, subconcious and conscious, symbolic and concrete, logical and illogical. These dreams often happen at night when you are asleep. Characters and symbols representing the events and echoes of the other world -work, love, fears, hopes. Sometimes the other world is remembered upon awakening from sleep, sometimes even flashing through the mind while going about our day of reality.
And sometimes these two worlds intersect. When that happens it’s that in-between feeling of magic, the supernatural, and the dizziness of the unexplained.
Have you ever dreamed about somebody that you work with, and then gone to work encountering that person, and for some reason THAT DAY in their presence you feel weird, you can’t look that person in the eye?
Or have you ever thought about something and THEN IT HAPPENS?
Have you ever thought the phone was about to ring, and then it rings?
Is this where the parallel worlds meet, or is it all JUST circumstantial?
Can we get to that pount in our minds by just WILLING something to happen can make it come true?
Some say that this happens all the time.

“You're sorta stuck where you are
But in your dreams you can buy expensive cars
Or live on Mars
And have it your way
And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end “- Flaming Lips

Should I be content with my dreams?
How can I convert my dreams into reality?
Should Parallel Worlds collide,and what are the consequences?

Pardon me for dreaming out loud.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another 5 Pounds


I lost another 5 pounds! Even if I don't look much different that means I have lost 15 pounds in the month and a quarter that I've been at the fitness center. I am now on the treadmill for 5 miles a day,and walking to and from also helps,as well as 100 pound cruntches on the Nautilus abs machine.
Now I really have to get crackin and get a job.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wicked Witch Is Dead


Of course like everyone I know I am excited and hopeful about our new president.I will be on the air at 11 AM this morning playing songs for the new regime as well as commenting on all the hoopla.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope you enjoyed the Tico Tico show. It is a concept that I stole from the great WFMU.Go HERE to download all the Tico Tico you need.
I got calls from friends in Berkeley,Eugene,Pasadena ,Chicago and an email from Birmingham England. Unfortunately not EVERYONE enjoyed the 40+ versions of Tico Tico I played. A woman called,said I was driving her crazy,said it was juvenile and that she was switching to satellite radio.When I told her I would miss her she hung up on me.Oh well.
I am on the air: Tuesday January 20 at 10 AM till noon.
Thursday January 22 at 2PM to 4 PM
Saturday January 24 at 3PM to 6PM covering the Johnny Now Nowsville Show(I will be playing and reading "James Brown-The Federal Years")
Sunday January 25 10 AM-The Hangover where at 11 AM I will interviewing Oakland Band "Yard Sale".
Hope You can tune in!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Fave Honey Vizer Video

Honey was on my show last week and started to sing along to some of the Cds I was playing-I turned her mike on and in the archived show she is singing with the records.But in the You Tube videos by Mick Dansforth she is acapella.Here is my favorite one,her take on Ella Fitzgerald's "Cheerful Little Earful"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yard Sale(The Band) On The Hangover

This is Yard Sale,My Favorite new band.I will be interviewing members of Yard Sale and playing their CD on the January 25 episode of The Sunday Morning Hangover Radio Show.
Listen at 11AM a week from this sunday and you'll be amazed.
Music is Magic.

This radio show can be heard HERE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Archived Radio Shows Available

1/11/09 Meet Honey Vizer- Why isn't she famous at the least on some sort of Jonathan Richman/Daniel Johnston/Regina Spektor/Anna Ternheim type level?
After listening to her self produced CD and seeing her live I am convinced that she needs to be booked more often in this silly little town.

11/16/08 A Visit with David Lynch

Honey Vizer Video From the Hangover

Lots of video of Honey Vizer Live on the Hangover HERE

Monday, January 12, 2009


Another apropos article from Huffington Post:

Peggy Drexler-Psychologist and Author
The End Of Normal: Stress is What You Make it

A textbook definition of stress is: "a condition or feeling experienced when an individual perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources he or she is able to mobilize."

A bumper sticker definition may be less clinical, but more topical: "Stress is what happens when the mind must override the body's natural desire to choke the hell out of somebody who richly deserves it."

Unless you happen to find yourself in the same prison cafeteria as Bernie Madoff - option two probably isn't going to happen.

So it's time to do some serious thinking about stress and how to deal with it. It looks like it's going to be a fact of life for many months to come. The best way to deal with it, is to get on top of it.

For some people, stress is the corollary of bad decisions - like signing a mortgage you know you can't afford or running up credit card debt that you planned to pay off with the promised (housing prices never fall) gains when you refinance. For most, life has been turned inside out by forces and people they had nothing do with, can't control, and still don't fully understand.

Compounding the wear and tear is the determined chorus of denial and avoidance: we didn't do it; we couldn't have seen it coming; it's not our job.

Since we can't go all primal on those who changed our lives - even if we could figure out exactly who they are - we must find a more civilized way of dealing with the eons of genetic programming that pumps out the hormones that tell us to fight or flee.

When you can't fight and you can't escape, how do we handle the toxic build-up?

A friend passed on some advice by a business professor who shared with his students the key to managing your way through a crisis. When things go wrong, he said: "Act like it's your fault."

It's useful advice for all who are trying to get a grip on events that have massively tested both comprehension and coping - even if it is counter-intuitive. For the great percentage of impacted lives, it's not their fault at all.

The key is to understand that stress, by itself, is not the enemy. In fact, few things worthwhile are accomplished without it. Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye, credited with coining the term "stress", said that there are two kinds of stress: one debilitates; the other drives achievement.

The difference is largely about control. With global forces whipsawing lives, the levers of control become operational when we understand that we can't change the situation, but we can change ourselves.

When we accept responsibility for our stress, we have taken a big step toward dealing with it. Self-help lists are full of possibilities: breathe deeply, take up yoga, reduce caffeine, create a support group, work for a charity, reconnect with family, let go of hostility, start exercising.

There is not a magic bullet in the bunch.

But what's important is the one thing they all have in common: action. They all reflect a determination not to sit and stare out the window as gurgling stress hormones hurt the body and corrode the soul.

Anybody not stressed these days isn't paying attention. It's real. It's warranted. But there is a choice. When you accept responsibility for stress, you own it. And when you own it, it can't bring you down.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Radio Programs This Week!

I'm Doing lots of Fill in Shows this coming week on KWVA 88.1 Eugene-available on the net at!
Tuesday January 13 11AM to 1PM
Thursday January 15 2PM to 4PM
Saturday January 17 11AM to 3PM
Sunday January 18 10 AM to Noon

Upcoming Sunday Morning Hangovers Include:
An Interview with Oakland female folk/country trio Yard Sale
February 1-Bill Finneran from The Eugene Record Convention sits in and talks about the upcoming Convention and Record Collecting
The Return of Boozeweek's Elliot Martinez
Mood Area 52 Live

Honey Vizer on KWVA’s Sunday Morning Hangover 1/11/09

Interviews, Stories, Live and Singalongs with Favorite Records
Now archived HERE

Honey Vizer-Laser (recorded at Safari Room Springfield 3/04/01)
Boswell Sisters-Heebie Jeebies
Honey Vizer-Be in A Country Band with Me (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Dead Or Alive (recorded at the Safari Room Springfield 03/04/01)
Honey Vizer-Hello Audience (Live at KWVA)
Ella Fitzgerald (and Honey Vizer)-You Make Me Feel So Young
Janis Martin (and Honey Vizer)-Love and Kisses
Honey Vizer-2AM (Homestyle studio 2007)
Honey Vizer-Laser (Live on KWVA)
Dinning Sisters (and Honey Vizer)- The Last Thing I Want Is Your Pity
Honey Vizer-Wish We Could Go To the Moon (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-I made it Out (Homestyle Studio 2007)
Honey Vizer-Daisy Dean/I Wanna Be Buried In the Masonic Cemetery (Live at KWVA)
Petty Booka (and Honey Vizer)-Raindrops
Honey Vizer-Thistle (Homestyle Studio 2007)
Honey Vizer- Country Song (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Cornstarch(Live on KWVA)
Honey Vizer –Message (Live at KWVA)
King Sisters -Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week
Honey Vizer-Doppleganger Boy (John Henry’s 6/1/03)
Honey Vizer-House of Gold (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer –I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Live at KWVA
Honey Vizer-There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight(Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer- Half Roger (Historic 1998 Studio Tape)
Ella Fitzgerald (and Honey Vizer)-Moonlight Becomes You
Ella Fitzgerald(and Honey Vizer)-Cheerful Little Earful
Honey Vizer-Married In 1940(studio Homestyle 2007)
Honey Vizer-Am I Evil (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Helpless (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Idiotically (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Laudromat of Sin (studio Homestyle 2007)
Causey Way (and Honey Vizer) -Chocolate

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tokin' on the Lawrence Welk Show

Thanks to listener Brian for sending me this one.

Out Demons Out!

I love this picture-I took it last week-it's from a window mural in front of our local Mexican Restaurant El Campencino.
It has been a good week-I am seeing my belly flatten down a little bit from my fitness center regimen,I aced the census bureau test,applied for 3 decent jobs,went to the LCC counseling center for info on a new career,DJ'd at a bar,took some control over my yoyoing psyche,and I feel like I AM TAKING CHARGE once again.
I have done 6 radio shows in a week and have gotten lots of good calls.Today I am on 11-1PM.
I have been feeling better about myself and
I can't WAIT for tomorrow's radio show with Honey Vizer!Tune in Please!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rumination Lullaby

My Friend sent me this and it means so much to me at this moment in time.
I post this only as a reminder to myself, not to preach or express an opinion.

Rumination Lullaby by Pavel Somov
Mind is an information-processing system. As such, it is in the business of digestion - and, not unlike your stomach, sometimes it chokes up on spice of life...

Say, something happened - and now it is eating you as you are trying to digest it. The informational tug-of-war is on. No crisis here: same ol' evolutionary game of the survival of the best-informed.

Look: if you are alive and reading this, you've won this contest every time - you've eventually swallowed every information byte reality has served you.

Information-processing - like food-processing - is a metabolic process. It has its own pace and rate of digestion. Rumination is part of this digestive cycle. If it ("the food for thought" the life has just served you) needs to come up, then it needs to come up. If you feel you have already masticated all the "musts" and "mustn'ts" out of this informational cud, then no need to chew on this again, just re-swallow it.

Learn from Bankei, a 17th century Japanese Zen master: "Cutting off occurring thoughts is like washing blood off in blood. The original blood might be washed off, but you're still defiled by the blood you wash in" (Fenner, P., The Edge of Certainty, p. 79, 2002).

In other words, trying not to think about "it" involves thinking about "it." So, if you are still thinking about "it," it's because you are still digesting "it" while "it" is trying to digest you... Remember that in this war of digestion, your mind has found a way - each and every time - to stomach the information that it had been served.

Accept the motility of your informational metabolism and find solace in the notion that there's never been a thought - so far - that you choked on to death. Remember that Christmas jingle you couldn't get out of your mind after your power-walk in the mall? Well, it's gone, isn't it?! And so will this be, whatever "this" is for you at the moment...

Learn from Bankei again: "You must realize that thoughts are temporary, changing appearances, and neither seize on them or hate them, just let them occur and cease of themselves" (p. 80).

And while at it, forget this non-sense of "forgive-and-forget" as a way of dealing with rumination. For one, forgetting - as a memory function - is not available on demand. It's just not a given: just like you cannot decide and forget your name, you cannot decide and forget the name of the person that made fun of your name. Forgetting is not under voluntary control.

As to forgiving, don't get me wrong: it's a psychologically healthy aspiration. So, do work on that. But forgiving - as a formula for stopping rumination - is no Tums. Just because you forgave someone for their transgression it doesn't mean that you will stop thinking about the event in question. Remember: even the food for thought needs time to settle. As this river of consciousness runs its course, the ripple effects of the stone of judgment that disturbed the equanimity of your mind will soothe out and the silt of your resentment will eventually settle...

So, if after the conscious work of forgiving you are still feeling the acidic memory of the transgression back up into your mind, once again: no need to re-chew this informational cud, just re-swallow it. You don't have to question if you are "still not over it." You don't have to re-do the work of your forgiveness and second-guess the frailty of your ego. All is fine as long as the river of your consciousness is flowing.

Here's a Russian information-processing digestion tip: "Morning is wiser than night" ("ootro vechera mudrenn'eye"). In other words, sleep on it. And console yourself with the fact that whatever it is that you saw in the mirror of your consciousness, it'll pass. Once again learn from Bankei: "the image doesn't stay in the mirror," particularly when you turn off the lights. It's a rare informational cud that survives till the next morning...

In short, let go of this thought that you need to let go of this thought. Never mind the un-invited mind: it'll see itself out. Chew on this for a while as you go to sleep. See you in the morning just as you always are.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Junction City For Sale

I'm worried about my town.Country Coach,the biggest employer in town,is going belly up in March.Gibson Ford has already closed and is three blocks of deserted lots.I was talking to an older gent at the gym today and he said that Junction City once was a booming logging and mill town,lots of jobs for everyone,and with free health care.All you had to do was bring a note from your employer to Ralph's Drug(now also gone) and you could get medicine for free, no co-pay.
Is this what small town America has become? A strip of service industries,dollar stores and coffee kiosks?
Here are some pics of Junction City 2009:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Radio Programs This Week!

I am on KWVA 88.1 all week!

Saturday January 3 from 11AM to 1PM
Sunday January 4 from 10AM to Noon
Tuesday January 5 from 8AM to 10AM
Thursday January 8 from 2PM to 4PM
Saturday January 10 from 11AM to 1PM
Sunday January 11 from 10AM to Noon with Honey Vizer.

Listen on the net at

Honey Vizer on the Hangover

Honey Vizer will appearing on the January 11th episode of The Sunday Morning Hangover radio program at 10 AM.

Why isn't she famous at the least on some sort of Jonathan Richman/Daniel Johnston/Regina Spektor/Anna Ternheim type level?
After listening to her self produced CD and seeing her live I am convinced that she needs to be booked more often in this silly little town.

Tune into KWVA 88.1 FM in the Eugene area or on the net at next Sunday Morning the 11th at 10 AM .

Please call in that day to 541-346-0645 to request your fave Honey Vizer song or sign her to your label or book her for a world tour.