Sunday, January 11, 2009

Honey Vizer on KWVA’s Sunday Morning Hangover 1/11/09

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Honey Vizer-Laser (recorded at Safari Room Springfield 3/04/01)
Boswell Sisters-Heebie Jeebies
Honey Vizer-Be in A Country Band with Me (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Dead Or Alive (recorded at the Safari Room Springfield 03/04/01)
Honey Vizer-Hello Audience (Live at KWVA)
Ella Fitzgerald (and Honey Vizer)-You Make Me Feel So Young
Janis Martin (and Honey Vizer)-Love and Kisses
Honey Vizer-2AM (Homestyle studio 2007)
Honey Vizer-Laser (Live on KWVA)
Dinning Sisters (and Honey Vizer)- The Last Thing I Want Is Your Pity
Honey Vizer-Wish We Could Go To the Moon (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-I made it Out (Homestyle Studio 2007)
Honey Vizer-Daisy Dean/I Wanna Be Buried In the Masonic Cemetery (Live at KWVA)
Petty Booka (and Honey Vizer)-Raindrops
Honey Vizer-Thistle (Homestyle Studio 2007)
Honey Vizer- Country Song (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Cornstarch(Live on KWVA)
Honey Vizer –Message (Live at KWVA)
King Sisters -Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week
Honey Vizer-Doppleganger Boy (John Henry’s 6/1/03)
Honey Vizer-House of Gold (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer –I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Live at KWVA
Honey Vizer-There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight(Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer- Half Roger (Historic 1998 Studio Tape)
Ella Fitzgerald (and Honey Vizer)-Moonlight Becomes You
Ella Fitzgerald(and Honey Vizer)-Cheerful Little Earful
Honey Vizer-Married In 1940(studio Homestyle 2007)
Honey Vizer-Am I Evil (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Helpless (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Idiotically (Live at KWVA)
Honey Vizer-Laudromat of Sin (studio Homestyle 2007)
Causey Way (and Honey Vizer) -Chocolate

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