Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope you enjoyed the Tico Tico show. It is a concept that I stole from the great WFMU.Go HERE to download all the Tico Tico you need.
I got calls from friends in Berkeley,Eugene,Pasadena ,Chicago and an email from Birmingham England. Unfortunately not EVERYONE enjoyed the 40+ versions of Tico Tico I played. A woman called,said I was driving her crazy,said it was juvenile and that she was switching to satellite radio.When I told her I would miss her she hung up on me.Oh well.
I am on the air: Tuesday January 20 at 10 AM till noon.
Thursday January 22 at 2PM to 4 PM
Saturday January 24 at 3PM to 6PM covering the Johnny Now Nowsville Show(I will be playing and reading "James Brown-The Federal Years")
Sunday January 25 10 AM-The Hangover where at 11 AM I will interviewing Oakland Band "Yard Sale".
Hope You can tune in!

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