Monday, March 23, 2009

Playlist for Sunday Morning Hangover 3/22/09

Listen HERE:
Mel Brooks-Springtime for Hitler
Doodles Weaver –Eleanor Rigby
The Barkers-Love Me Do
Ambrose Bazelton-Something
Jackie Davis-I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning
“Gagie”(Catherine Flood, Marc’s Grandma)-Mr. Frog
The Kinks-Do You Remember Walter (Live)
Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein-Putting on the Ritz
Joni Mitchell-Answer Me My Love
Lawrence Welk-Puff the Magic Dragon
Gloria Balsam-Fluffy
Wilco-Love and Mercy
Yard Sale-Smile
Fleet Foxes-Sun Giant
Royksopp-Miss It So Much
Handel-Largo(from Xerxes)
Royksopp-You Don’t Have a Clue
Ty Terrell-The Scratch Part 2

Mood Area 52 (Live)-Dance Like the Day before You Die
Mood Area 52 (Live)-Derecho Viejo
Mood Area 52 (Live)-Every Man Will Have His Price
Mood Area 52 (Live)-Abba Ba Habaita
Mood Area 52 –Drowning the Bird
The Whiskey Spots(Live)-Sugar Daddy
The Whiskey Spots(Live)-Open Bar Tab
The Whiskey Spots(Live)-4th Street Mess Around
Mood Area 52 (Live)- Dr. Rankin’s Cadillac
Whiskey Spots-Be My Gal
Mood Area 52 and Whiskey Spots (Live)-Love Song to a Peat Bog Mummy
Mood Area 52 and Whiskey Spots (Live)-Before the Bog
Mood Area 52 and Whiskey Spots (Live)-Lost at Sea
Mood Area 52-The Monis Family

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