Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist for March 15 2009

Acetatica-Coffee Break
Jim from Seattle-Welcome to Windows
Neko Case-This Tornado Loves
Cotton Jones-Some Strange Rain
Page France –Windy
Page France-Ruby Ring Man
Dean and Britta-Friday I’m in Love
Bill Frissell-81
A.H. Rahman-Latika’s Theme
Sheila Chandra-Abonecrownedrone 2
Suanne-Dreams on Fire
Andrew Loog Oldham-Last Time
Imogen Heap-Not Now But Soon
Telly Savalas-If
Frankie Avalon-Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea
Adolf Noise-We Are The World
Red Peters-I Can’t Say These Things
Chica and the Folder-I’ll Come Running
Kim Weston-Eleanor Rigby
Kim Weston-Take Me In Your Arms
Mark O’Leary-Evensong
Tribute to Alan Livingston
William Shatner-What is a Bozo
Eels –Your Lucky Day in Hell
Bas Sheva-Lust
Interview with Gary Hobish about Bas Sheva reissue
Bas Sheva-Hate
Bas Sheva-She Yibone Beis Hamikodos
Tribute to Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey-Marijuana
Paul Harvey/Martin Denny-Amway Congo Train
Leroy Anderson-The Typewriter
Royksopp with Lykki Li-Miss it so Much
Royksopp with Anneli Drecker-You Don’t Have a Clue
Laurie Biagini-A Far Out Place
Laurie Biagini-A Beautiful Dream
The Happy Clams-Second Cousin
Interview with The Happy Clams
The Happy Clams-Bud Uggily
Glen Campbell-The Time of Your Life
Honey Vizer-Possession/Living On A Prayer
Nico/Serge Gainsbourg-Strip Tease
Richard Chamberlain-(They Long To Be) Close to You
Interview with Gloria Balsam
Gloria Balsam-The Flower Children
Postmarks-You Only Live Twice
Marie LaForest-Et Si Je’taime(Sunday Morning)
Mama Cass-All for Me
Jill Olsen-It’s Time to Go Now
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